Apple Music gets 30 million paid subscribers, still long way to catch up with Spotify

Apple Music had 27 million paid subscribers back in June 2017.


Apple Music is growing steadily. As per a recent report by Billboard, Apple's music streaming service has now reached the 30 million mark in terms of paying subscribers. Most recently, Apple had disclosed the number of Apple Music subscribers in June and Tim Cook had said that the service has 27 million subscribers, reported BGR.

Although Apple is still far away from catching up with Spotify, 30 million is not a bad figure, considering the fact that Apple had only launched the service in June 2015. Spotify currently accommodates around 60 million paid subscribers. If we also add the non-paying subscribers, the number goes as high as 140 million, according to the publication.

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"I don't believe that what exists right now is enough," said Jimmy Iovine, who runs Apple Music, to Billboard. Today's Apple Music was originally a music streaming service called Beats, which Lovine and co-founder Dr. Dre had sold to Apple back in 2015 for a whopping $3 billion.

While addressing the biggest challenges for the music industry today, Iovine said that it's difficult to compete with the likes of YouTube, Pandora, and even Spotify's free tier.