Netflix flies high, will provide its Wi-Fi technology to airlines

Netflix has, in the past, partnered with airlines to give them free in-flight Wi-Fi connections

Netflix is planning to start joining hands with airlines in order to provide them with its mobile streaming technology. According to a report by Variety, this partnership service will begin next year. The aim of this is to provide airlines with better in-flight Wi-Fi. As per Netflix, it simply wants to offer this service to the airlines because more passengers will be able to watch Netflix on the plane if they have a better an in-flight Wi-Fi connection, reported the publication.

Netflix had to develop better bandwidth technologies for streaming its videos on mobile devices that work through unreliable cellular connections. So, at this point in time, it only appears logical that the company's tech is used to improve in-flight Wi-Fi connections as well. As reported by the Variety, Netflix opines that this tech would be able to save airlines up to 75% in bandwidth costs while offering better internet.

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As the report points out, Netflix has already partnered with airlines, such as Virgin America, Aeromexico, Qantas, and Virgin Australia, in the past to offer free Wi-Fi. Now, the move of providing better Wi-Fi to the airlines seems like a pretty logical next step by the video-streaming service provider.

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