Mobile game Vainglory to host world championship finals in Singapore

The championship this year includes a prize pool of S$190,300 for the winner


Singapore is going to host the mobile game Vainglory's second world championship finals in December, reported The Straits Times.

Top 12 teams across the world will take part in the championship finals. They will compete to win a prize pool of US$140,000 (S$190,300). The event will take place at the Kallang Theatre from December 14 to 17, stated Super Evil Megacorp, the developer of Vainglory.

The teams will play during the finals in front of a live audience, and it will be streamed worldwide through certain online services, such as Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook.

Vainglory is multiplayer online battle arena game, which is played on mobile phones or tablets. It requires two teams of three players to engage in battle with a variety of characters. The first world championship of Vainglory was hosted by California in 2016. It had taken place at Hollywood and the prize pool was also lesser - US$120,000. The game was originally launched in 2013 in Singapore as a beta version with the name Kindred.

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"We are bringing Vainglory back to its first home," said Ms. Heini Vesander, executive producer for eSports at Super Evil Megacorp.

Representing Team Singapore are Players from Team Impunity are representing Singapore in the upcoming finals. The team comprises of Amos "Quatervois" Ker, Ng "Bluexidy" Jun Xian and Tan "deftQ" Jing along with reserves Delvyn "Kirchoffs" Quek and Nigel "INKED" Wong.

This article was first published on September 28, 2017