AOA Kwon Mina Struggling to Forgive Shin Jimin and Forget Bullying Memories

Former AOA Kwon Mina has once again spoken about the pain that she struggling to overcome as she speaks about being bullied by Shin Jimin for 10 years. Although the latter has lent an apology, the memories of the sufferings have continued to haunt the former.

Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin
Kwon Mina and Shin Jimin. Instagram

Victim Blaming
She has posted about the issue where she opens up about netizens defending Shin Jimin and targeting her with rude comments. Kwon Mina claims that she is sharing the post despite knowing that more people could criticise her and call Jimin a victim.

"But I'm not crazy. I used to be a bright person who loves to laugh a lot. In fact, my evaluations only diagnose me as severely depressed. It doesn't say I'm bipolar or schizophrenic. I have social anxiety, social phobia, panic disorder, panic seizures, and depression." she is quoted as saying by Koreaboo.

She then discusses about sacrificing her studies to work at an early age and becoming the breadwinner of her family.

The ex-AOA member further discusses the bullying issue as she claims that she remained silent during those 10 years because Mina hoped that Jimin might change at some point in time. "By the time I turned 26 years old, I was at the end of my rope. Before my contract expired, I tried to take my own life twice, by taking hundreds of sleeping pills. But I only passed out for a few days and ended up surviving it just fine. If you have never been through this, you don't know what I heard, what I was put through, what completely unreasonable things I was scolded for. Live a decade like I did, you wouldn't be able to forget either." she adds.

Mina blames the AOA members for failing to help her during the difficult period. The 27-year old claims except for the other victim of bullying none from her group would ever extend support to her. She thinks another member might possibly join her to be a witness.

Jimin Never Gave Sincere Apology
The Modern Farmer actress slams Jimin stating that she never offered a sincere apology to her.

The former AOA member further claims that those bullying memories continue to haunt her and she needs to take more pills to overcome suicidal thoughts. She concludes, "Self harm? I do it at least once every three days. It's not her body, it's mine. My family suffers with me. The people around me worry about me. They want to know why I keep doing this... I do it because I think all this is so unfair, yet there is no way for me to resolve it. It has been so long since I stopped having motivation for anything. I cry over nothing and everything. To live like this... To see myself live on like this, sometimes I feel like it might be better that I stop living. To be honest, I'm not so scared anymore."