Anton Krasovsky: Putin's Propagandist Who called Death of Ukrainian Children by Drowning Poisoned, Condition Deteriorates

Anton Krasovsky, a leading propagandist of Russian President Vladimir Putin, is 'seriously ill' after being poisoned, according to Ukrainian military intelligence.

The former director of Broadcasting for Russian state-controlled RT media, Krasovsky shot into limelight after he was caught calling for the death of Ukrainian children by drowning.

Anton Krasovsky, Director of Broadcasting for Russian state-controlled RT media
Anton Krasovsky, the former Director of Broadcasting for Russian state-controlled RT media Twitter

Ukraine Claims Krasovsky's Condition Continues to Degrade

Kyiv Post reported that Krasovsky revealed about his condition through a post on Telegram on Christmas Eve. Claiming that he became ill at the beginning of the week, he posted, "People have been asking if I'm alive, if everything is ok. Well, what can I say? My stomach twisted sharply, I started to feel sick, then fainted. I was taken to the clinic. I am gradually coming to my senses."

Even though Krasovsky did not reveal the cause for his illness, the Defense Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) told Kyiv Post he had been poisoned.

The source told the outlet that not only is Krasovsky's condition "continues to deteriorate, It is likely that the last messages on the network were not written by the propagandist himself."

Krasovsky Called for Sexual Assault of Ukrainian Women

In October 2022, a video of the graphic exchange between Krasovsky and writer Sergei Lukayanenko was uploaded on social media by Russian Media Monitor creator Julia Davis.

As Lukyanenko spoke about Viagra packs being given to Russian soldiers during Ukrainian invasion, Krasovsky said, "For them to rape Ukrainian grannies. Gawd, those grannies would spend their burial savings to get raped by Russian soldiers."

Not done by the offensive remarks against elderly Ukrainian women, Krasovsky while responding to Lukyanenko remarks about interaction with Ukrainian children, said that they should be drowned to death. "Whoever says that Moskals (a now-slur for Russian) occupied them, you throw them in the river with a strong undercurrent."

He also called for the death of Ukrainians living in a mountain range in Western Ukraine. "Over there every piece of s*** little house, there are masses of awful, monstrous little houses. They s*** all over the Carpathian Mountains. [The] Carpathian Mountains are disgusting...Shove them right into those huts and burn them up," Krasovsky said adding that Ukraine is "not supposed to exist at all."