Antisemitic Man Racially Abuses Interracial Couple For Being 'Jew' in Houston; Says, 'White Girls Date Niggers, Mexicans'

An unidentified man was caught racially abusing an inter-racial couple out for a walk with their dogs in Houston, Texas. The antisemitic also shouted at the woman for choosing a 'non-white' as her partner.

The video was initially uploaded by Reddit user Philivox who said that the man was following the couple from another street.

racist man
The racist man went on an abusive rant against an inter racial couple in Houston, Texas. Twitter

Racist Abuses Woman For Choosing Non White Boyfriend

The video, which also surfaced on multiple social media platforms, starts with a white man dressed in green t-shirt and black shorts wearing a black cap abusing a couple out for a walk with their two dogs.

"Look at that. Its a ugly ass motherfu**er," the neo Nazi man starts shouting. "Yeah fucking Jew. Take your Jewish technology and film me boy," he went on to add when the person behind the camera starts recording his antics.

Enraged, the antisemitic goes on to challenge the victim to a fist fight in the empty street. "You are a little mother**ker pussy. I am in the street boy. Come at me. I will beat the fu*k out of you."

As the couple continue to ignore the racist tirade against them, the man goes on to call them Jewish couple repeatedly. "Jewish couple right there.. Jewish couple." He then verbally attacks the man again. "Look at that fat mother***er. Probably doesn't even get outside. Film me boy I am better looking than you. Motherf**ker." He racist than tries to get near the couple but appears to get scared by the growling dogs. "Fu*k you film me for. Jew I said. The jews," he adds while moving away.

After getting a few steps ahead, he lashes out at the woman for dating non white man. "You have a ugly fu**ing boyfriend. White girls date nig*er, Mexicans.. fucking shits all over god damn place. Ugly mother workers," he says.

He then goes on to challenge the man again, "Film me boy, film a real man. You bitch walking there on the sidewalk. Fu*k you.. Fu*k you."

Victim Claims To Be an Asian, Not Jew

Commenting on the Reddit posts, user Philivox that the racist man screamed slurs at the couple earlier for being a mixed race couple. "So this is when he followed us to another street and this is when I recorded him," wrote the user in one of the comments.

Replying to another user who asked about the couples ethnicity, the victim replied, "I'm Chinese/Vietnamese and my fiancee's white, one great grandparent from UK the other from Canada."

"Neo Nazi incel in Houston Texas harasses a mixed race couple just for existing, because no women will have anything to do with him unless he holds them down and rapes them, but most women are stronger than him," wrote a user on Twitter while sharing the video.

"So badly wanted the ending to be him getting flattened by one of those speeding cars at the intersection. Am I going to hell? Also, that dog was ready to throw down. Dogs know evil people. That's why I trust my dog more than most humans," wrote another user.