Alissa McCommon: Tennessee Teacher Charged with Having Sex with Student Allegedly Pregnant with Victim's Child

Alissa McCommon
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Alissa McCommon, a former Covington teacher who is charged with raping one of her former students, is pregnant with his baby, according to a phone conversation that was played in court Tuesday.

As previously reported, McCommon was first arrested early in September after police said she had sexual relations with at least one victim and admitted to communicating inappropriately with many other former students.

She was released on a $25,000 bond on the condition that she have no contact with the victim or any other minors other than her own children. On Thursday, she was rearrested after she reportedly stalked and harassed the victim upon bonding out of jail. Police say McCommon sent multiple text messages to the victim indicating he would "regret this."

'I'll Raise This Baby Myself'

Alissa McCommon
Alissa McCommon after being rearrested Twitter

In court on Tuesday, an alleged phone conversation between McCommon and the victim was played where she implied she was pregnant. During the alleged phone call, McCommon said she was going to "raise this baby and love this baby, and I'll do it by myself."

"I will never text you again," McCommon allegedly said during the phone call played in court, as reported by Action News 5. "You will never hear from me again. Just please don't say anything. I'm under so much stress and I'm so scared all the time."

"I tried to tell you. When it comes out looking like you, we don't have to talk anymore. Just please God, tell me you're not going to say anything. I'll never speak to you again."

McCommon's Attorney Claims There's 'Limited Proof' Her Client is the Woman Heard on Call

McCommon's attorney Jere Mason says there's limited proof that the woman in the phone conversation is his client. "You have to go off... what is the actual proof? There was no witness that was presented as a victim or anyone like that to testify this was her," said Mason.

Mason says police also didn't have the phone or registration of the number to find where the threatening texts came from either. "Obviously this is going to be a trying issue for victims and everybody involved, families," said Mason. "It's also a trying issue for the defendant. She's under a lot of pressure. A lot of stress."

McCommon's bond was revoked Tuesday, and Mason requested a mental evaluation for her, which was granted. Her next court date is scheduled for November 27.