Russia could wipe out US in less than 30 minutes, says Nibiru theorist David Meade

David Meade

David Meade, a self-proclaimed Christian numerologist who is very popular in the conspiracy theory circuit has warned that the United States is not well equipped to combat the threats posed by Russia if a war breaks out.

According to the Nibiru theorist, Vladimir Putin's advanced military could wipe out the United States Army in less than 30 minutes and revealed that the Russian arsenal is loaded with many advanced missiles with unlimited range and trajectories.

"Russia is not looking for World War 3 but is fully prepared should it come about. And as far as Syria goes, God help us if some neoconservative starts talking about 'defeating' the Russian troops in Syria. This is the kindling for a World War 3 with a foe that is so technologically developed, I don't dare estimate the outcome," said David Meade, Express UK reports.

Meade also revealed that the CIA is well aware of Russian missiles like RS-28 Sarmat. The conspiracy theorist also added that he is making all these predictions based on the book of revelation.

"The RS-28 Sarmat missile has been known to the CIA for years. It has unlimited range and trajectories which render defence impossible. We have nothing comparable to Russia's hypersonic Mach 20 missiles, either. North Korea is not mentioned in the Book of Revelation, but Russia is," added Meade.

The words from David Meade came in the midst of escalating tensions between the US and Russia over the Syrian row. At one point in time, Russia even warned that they will shoot down missiles sent by the US to the land of Syria.

A few days back, another Christian predictor Joel Rosenberg had argued that the rise of Vladimir Putin in world politics is the sign of the apocalypse. Rosenberg revealed that Bible has pointed out some signs which will happen before the rapture, and one among them is the rise of Putin.

"The one-day, future evil leader of Russia is going to form an alliance with Iran, Turkey and some other hostile countries to come and surround and attack Israel in the last days. Vladimir Putin is more dangerous to the United States and our way of life than radical Islam. And I don't think most Americans process it that way," said Rosenberg.

The Christian author who wrote the book 'The Kremlin Conspiracy' made a prophecy earlier that Vladimir Putin is actually the Gog of the land of Magog, the enemy of God who will wage war during the end of the world.

This article was first published on May 5, 2018