Alien life form or Venom symbiote? Shocking video of squirming black 'goo' has the internet baffled

A video clip of a squirming black gooey matter has taken the internet by storm, with viewers looking for an explanation behind the strange creature

If a global pandemic wasn't enough, it seems like we have to deal with a new threat, one that doesn't look like it belongs to our planet.

As of now 2020 couldn't get any worse, it appears the Venom symbiote or an alien life form has arrived on Earth. Well, at least that's what the Internet is saying after a video was shared on the web, showing a strange, gooey black sludge-like substance.

A still from the 2018 film, "Venom." Sony Pictures Entertainment

Video of squirming black goo goes viral

Twitter user @sunnyarkade posted the video on Twitter asking if anyone could identify what the strange moving substance was and the clip instantly went viral, garnering close to 15 million views, 25,000 retweets and 100,000 likes. Check out the video below:

Reactions on Twitter

While some jokingly argued that the video footage is the first actual evidence of alien life on Earth, others pointed out similarities to the Venom symbiote the Spider-Man comics and movies, which led "Venom" to start trending on the social media platform.

The writhing mass of black goo bears a striking resemblance to the native form of the Marvel character, which Tom Hardy famously played in the titular 2018 film. The unidentified substance also contracts and pulls itself back together when an individual runs a jagged saw through the squirming matter.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME THREE DAYS INTO APRIL AND SUDDENLY WE GOT VENOM ON OUR F*****G HANDS I CANT TAKE THIS YEAR ANYMORE," wrote one user, while another commented, "It's official. Aliens are real."


So far, nobody really has a clue about what this thing is for sure, but there may be a plausible scientific theory behind it. Some are claiming that the black "goo" is simply a bootlace worm or a cluster of them.

Some of the longest animals that can grow up to 55 meters long, bootlace worms are known to secrete a slimy mucus containing a highly powerful neurotoxin as self-defence against natural predators (as demonstrated in the video below).

The toxic venom (pun intended) has been proven to be potent enough to kill crabs and cockroaches. Fortunately, it's much less effective in the cells of mammals like us so we have nothing to worry about.

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