Tablighi Jamaat deliberately spreading Coronavirus as it harms only infidels not Muslims says Australian Imam

  • Are Tablighi Jamaat members waging jihad by deliberately spreading the Coronavirus?

  • In Thailand, a Jamaat member went on a spitting spree before collapsing and dying inside a train

  • In India, healthcare workers and the local police are on their toes searching for Jamaat members

  • Dozens of health workers were injured in an attack by Jamaat members refusing treatment

Tablighi Jamaat, a Sunni Muslim movement that has served as a fertile breeding ground for radical Islamic militancy in numerous countries, is deliberately spreading the deadly strain as members of this group believe that the virus harms only infidels, not Muslims, says Imam Tawhidi, an Australian Muslim scholar.

Imam Tawhidi, who was born in Iran, is considered a leading voice in the global movement of Islamic reform. Taking a stern stance against Tablighi Jammat that has been blamed for being the biggest Coronavirus spreader across India, Imam Tawhidi accused the Sunni group of "deliberately spreading the Coronavirus."

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"Tablighi Jamaat is believed to be the biggest carrier of Coronavirus in India. It has had a long history of ties with Pakistani terrorists like Harkatul-Mujahideen. They are deliberately spreading coronavirus thinking it doesn't harm Muslims," said Imam Tawhidi on his official Twitter handle.

In India, the group has come under severe criticism after it held a mass conference defying the lockdown in the country, tens of thousands of Muslims from all over India and other countries attended the event.

According to Indian news sources, the government has quarantined around 9,000 attendees while more than 750 have been tested positive for the coronavirus (COVID 19). Health workers in India are facing a tough challenge in contact tracing hundreds of participants, who left the event before the government woke up to the threat that the attendees of the conference posed.

Health workers in India have been stoned and beaten up by members of the group after they tried to take them to the hospital. In several incidents, the members of the group were found spitting on doctors, nurses, and police.


"The well-being of an entire continent is endangered because of Tablighi Jamat, a massive body that believes God has given them immunity from viruses because of their religion. Health experts have referred to them as 'Super-Spreaders' and they're doing it deliberately," Imam Tawhidi said adding that they should be jailed.

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A viral video that emerged from Thailand has further put the group in a spot. In the shocking video, a man - Anan Shahoh was seen spitting a person buying tickets at a train station in Bangkok, Thailand. He was later found dead inside the train and it has now emerged that Shahoh had attended the Jamaat conference in Pakistan and had tested positive for Coronavirus.

Inside the train, the eyewitnesses told the police that he was constantly coughing and spitting before collapsing and dying.