Starlink satellites or UFO? Multiple flying orbs from California to Mexico baffle spectators [VIDEO]

Several people believe that the UFO sighting is indicating alien activities on earth, while some others claim that these lights are Starlink satellites

On March 31, multiple flying objects appeared in the night skies from California to Mexico, and witnesses from both the United States and Mexico claim to have seen this bizarre sighting.

The video of this spectacular sky sighting was initially shared online by popular conspiracy theory YouTube channel 'The Hidden Underbelly'. In the video apparently taken from Laguna Beach in California, row of multiple flying objects can be seen aligned perfectly in a straight line in the night skies.

Aliens visiting the earth?

UFO lights
Mysterious lights in California YouTube: The Hidden Underbelly

Interestingly, a similar sighting occurred in San Diego, and it was followed by another sighting in Mexico. In the Mexican city of Playas de Tijuana, a row of seven flying objects appeared in the night skies in the same formation before they slowly disappeared one by one.

"These UFO lights seem to appear out of nowhere and were visible for about 15mins before disappearing one by one. These lights left the witnesses puzzled and entertained by the aerial display performed by these orbs," said the narrator in the video uploaded by the YouTube channel.

As the UFO video uploaded on YouTube went viral, many viewers claimed that aliens have paid a visit to the earth to monitor human activities. They also alleged that the US government with the help of NASA is covering up alien existence for sinister motives.

Starlink satellites or secret military vehicles?

In the meantime, a section of viewers gave a convincing explanation to these sightings. As per these people, the mysterious lights that appeared in the skies could be most probably Starlink satellites, recently launched by Elon Musk's SpaceX.

However, some other viewers argued that these mysterious flying vessels could be secretive military vessels developed by the US Air Force. They also claim that these flying vessels are used by the United States to spy on other countries.

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