Airpods Pro Black Friday deal: Apple's new wireless earbuds get a price cut but sold out already

As the holiday season approaches, Apple's Airpods Pro receive their first ever discount despite being sold out at most stores

Apple AirPods Pro
Twitter / Apple

The festive season is just around the corner and as we head in to the biggest spending season of the year, retailers have already started offer deals and discounts on pretty much all of their products in a bid to entice promotion-hungry customers.

Amazon is no exception and it really isn't messing around this holiday season. The retail giant is already offering a discount on Apple's latest Airpods Pro just over a week after its launch. This will be the first significant discount the premium wireless earbuds receive despite being sold out at most retailers.

It seems like Amazon has received fresh new stock and is offering the Airpods Pro at a $15 discount, which means the new noise-cancelling earphones will be available for just $234.99. Don't be surprised if the Airpods Pro are out of stock by the time you read this so if the knocked-down price works for you, you need to act fast.

Apple launched the Airpods Pro late last month. The earphones are a high-end version of its popular wireless earbuds that has a host of features like noise-cancellation, water-resistance, as well as the ability to scan the inside of your ear to provide a comfortable fit.

Amazon says that it won't be able to ship your order for one or two weeks, but if savings as your priority over delivery time, then this deal is worth jumping on. Moreover, if you find them for cheaper elsewhere before your order is shipped, you can simply cancel your order to avoid being charged.

If you're contemplating whether you should wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday, there's no guarantee that these titles may be offered for less during the big sales event. After all, the original Airpods received a maximum discount of $7 during that time.

So yes, this is a pretty solid deal, but at the same time, there is intense competition in the headphone pricing arena now than they were back when the original Airpods came out. The likes of Sony and Bose will also be minimizing their profit margins to go head to head with Apple, so prices could go even lower.