After YG Entertainment, Blackpink's Lisa Fans Attack Jennie and Rose

Crazy fans of Blackpink's Lisa, who have been venting out their frustration against YG Entertainment accusing it of not treating her well compared to other idols, have gone one step ahead this time as they direct their anger towards other members of the group.

Blackpink's Lisa
Blackpink's Lisa. Instagram

Normally, idols from other groups come under attack when they are comparisons, but here the fans of one idol are slamming the other. The fans of Lisa have reportedly abused Jennie on social media sites for getting promoted by the agency.

They accuse that Jennie is being given importance and attacked her using cuss words. From questioning her singing ability to calling her ''ugly" idol, Lisa's fans crossed all the lines of decency to express their anguish over her.

Later, Jennie wrote a supportive message to Rose and the latter was target using the same language. However, the general fans of Blackpink have expressed their disappointment over the behaviour of Lisa. There is also an urge from the group's admirers not to encourage such a culture that could possibly create a rift among the idols.

Blackpink's Jennie and Rose are Not Pregnant
Blackpink's Rose and Jennie. Instagram

In recent times, the fans of Lisa are unhappy with YG Entertainment after Jennie and Rose made their solo debut. They have been accusing the agency of ignoring her.

A few days ago, the fans had urged Lisa to quit the agency as it is not giving her due respect.

Meanwhile, the fans of Lisa have claimed the fans of other idols too have been targeting her and she herself is a victim of online abuse. They blamed media for covering only one side of the story.