After UFO fleet, cloaking spaceship seen near ISS? Repeated sightings puzzle many

The new UFO sighting comes just a few days after hundreds of alleged flying objects appeared near the International Space Station

UFO near ISS
Cylindrical flying object that appeared near ISS NASA/ET Data Base

Conspiracy theorists have long been alleging that astronauts aboard the International Space Station are aware of alien existence, and in order to substantiate these seemingly outlandish claims, they put forward repeated UFO sightings that happen near the ISS.

Now, eagle-eyed conspiracy theorist Scott C Waring has claimed to have discovered a cloaking spaceship near the space station. Waring, who operates from Taiwan claimed that he spotted the cylindrical UFO from NASA's ISS live stream. In this strange clip, a UFO appears out of nowhere right in front of the orbiting laboratory.

As per Waring, NASA cut the live transmission soon after the UFO appeared on the screen. The self-styled alien hunter also claimed that the United States space agency is involved in an extraterrestrial cover up.

NASA hiding it?

"I wasn't sure it was a UFO at first, but when NASA also noticed it and went to red screen, it sealed the deal. NASA has put effort into hiding this object from the public, therefore this object must have been a threat to national security. Kinda cool wouldn't you say?" wrote Waring on his website ET Data Base.

The video uploaded by Waring to his YouTube channel has now gone viral, and viewers also shared their reactions about this bizarre finding.

"Amazing catch! This is a cylinder-shaped huge one! I've seen one just like this on a very clear day three years ago over the Mediterranean Sea and watched it perplexed in awe," commented Zeyneb Devres, a YouTube user. "NASA means Never A Straight Answer," commented Walter Shoults, another YouTuber.

However, skeptics argue that this cylindrical flying object could be most probably a reflection of some of the objects placed inside the ISS.

Hundreds of UFOs near ISS

This is not the first time that conspiracy theorists are spotting UFOs near the International Space Station. A few days back, popular conspiracy theory channel Mavi777 shared a strange video that shows hundreds of moving UFOs near the ISS.

However, experts who analyzed this clip claimed that these mysterious lights could be coming from heavily populated areas on the earth that seem to be moving as the International Space Station orbits.

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