After Breaking Up with Twice's Momo, Heechul to Go On Package Tour with Girls' Generation Taeyeon

Super Junior's Heechul, who has broken up with Twice's Momo, will be going on a package tour with Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. Before readers' imaginations turn wild, let us clarify that they will be part of a new travel variety show where they will go on trips with their pets.

Taeyeon, Kim Hee Chul and Momo
Taeyeon, Kim Hee Chul and Momo. Instagram

JTBC's Petkage
As per Spotnews, Heechul and Taeyeon have been roped in for the JTBC's new show titled Petkage. They will be going on trips with their pets in the shows while giving necessary information about the place they are in.

Both the stars are known for their love for their pets. Taeyeon's poodle Zero is often spotted in her live broadcast. It also has an Instagram account with over 4 lakh followers. Whereas Heechul too has expressed his fondness for pets in interviews.

It comes as a positive development to the Heechul's fans, who were quite disappointed with the news of his break up with Twice's Momo. On Thursday, 7 July, it was formally announced that they had broken up.

Twice's Momo and Heechul's Break Up
Both Label SJ and JYP Entertainment have confirmed that the idols have parted ways and refused to divulge details about their split. It is reported that their busy schedules have forced them to end their relationship.

However, the fans believe that Heechul wanted to settle down with married bliss while Momo was not ready for the marriage since her focus is on her career.

Earlier this year, Heechul, on SBS' My Little Old Boy, had spoken about his mother asking him to get married before he turns 40. "I am 39-years old (in Korean age) this year. My mother wants me to get married this year..." he was quoted as saying by Allkpop.

On the other side, Twice's Momo has the potential to reach greater heights in her career and she does not want to lose focus on her career.

The ex-couple had formally confirmed about their relationship in January 2020.

Twice's Momo, Heechul