Super Junior's Heechul Breaks Up with Twice Momo: 'Marriage' and Commitment the Reasons Behind The Split?

Marriage is the union of hearts, bodies and emotions. It is the beginning of a life-long commitment filled with love, responsibility and dedication to the family. In order for a relationship to work, a couple, at times, has to sacrifice their self-interest and in some cases their careers.

TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul
TWICE Momo and Boyfriend Heechul. Instagram

This factor makes couples hesitant to commit to a long-term relationship. Especially for the people in the film and television industry, it is a difficult task to choose between family and career. Now, here is one more example where the couple has broken up as they are unable to settle with the married bliss yet this stage.

Heechul and Momo's Split
Well, we are talking about Super Junior's Heechul and Twice's Momo, who have parted ways a year after confirming their relationship. They were dating for a year prior to the announcement. So, the news of their separation has taken their fans by a surprise.

However, people, who are closely following them, could have seen it coming. It is simply because not that they have 13 years of age gap between them, but the commitment issue. While his family was insisting him to settle down with marriage bliss, she is focusing on her career.

Kim Heechul and Momo
Super Junior member Kim Heechul is dating TWICE singer Momo Creative Commons/티비텐, 월아조운

Earlier this year, Heechul, on SBS' My Little Old Boy, had spoken about his mother asking him to get married before he turns 40. "I am 39-years old (in Korean age) this year. My mother wants me to get married this year..." he was quoted as saying by Allkpop.

On the other side, Twice's Momo is climbing the ladder of success in her career. With so much potential to make it big in showbiz, the idol or talented personality might not like to sacrifice their professional life at this stage.

Hence, the couple, mutually, agreed to part ways which is good for both Heechul and Momo. However, their fans are disappointed over the development.

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