Girls' Generation's Taeyeon Silences Critics in Style

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon, who is basking in the success of her new single Weekend, has silenced her haters in style. The idol has shared a post with a message that people find faults in everything and she would like to live life her way.

Girls' Generation's Taeyeon
Girls' Generation's Taeyeon. Instagram

In the post, she complained that people have issues if she puts on weight and the same people have something to say if she loses weight. They will have problems if she wears a tight dress or a loose-fitting.

Her Statement
"If I'm fat, they will call me fat. If I'm thin, they will say I look sick. If I wear loose clothing, they will say I look like a boy. If I wear tight clothing, they will say I dress too sexy. If I eat too much, they say I'm a pig. If I eat too little, they say I'm picky. If I like luxury items, they say I'm a gold digger. If I like road shop clothes, they say I don't know how to dress," Koreaboo quotes her as saying.

Thus stating that the comments of the haters do not matter to her. She concluded, "People who hate on me will hate me, so it's better to live however I want."

However, it is not the first time where she had shared a post with a strong message when a fan had questioned about her mental health. She wrote, "No, I am suffering from depression. Right now I am taking medicine and working hard to get better. Whether it is bipolar disorder or depression, don't just "tsk tsk" people and look at them negatively. They are all patients who are sick and in pain."

Coming back to her latest single, it has occupied the numero uno position in the streaming sites Genie, Bugs, and VIBE. It has also taken the top place in iTunes 'Top Songs' chart in 14 regions. Notably, it is trending in countries like Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia along with China's QQ Music's digital album sales chart.

'Weekend' single registered Baekhyun's 2021 first-day listener record for SM Entertainment artists to its name. It has garnered over 260,000 listeners.