Aespa's Karina Beats Blackpink's Jennie; Rose Slips to 10th Position in Girl Group Brand Reputation Rankings

Aespa's Karina has landed at the numero uno position in the Girl Group Brand Reputation for the month of June. In the list released by the Korean Business Research Institute, he has taken the top position, beating popular idols like Blackpink's Jennie and Oh My Girl's Arin.

Aespa's Karina Beats Blackpink's Jennie
Aespa's Karina Beats Blackpink's Jennie and Rose. Instagram

Karina's Score
Karina has scored a brand reputation index of 3,668,577. She has earned a participation index of 1,863,770, a media index of 545,468, a community index of 543,229, a and communication index of 71,610. Her popularity saw a staggering rise of 331.13 percent in the month of June when compared to the previous month.

Blackpink's Jennie is in the second place in the list. She has scored a participation index of 385,814, a media index of 277,249, a community index of 1,243,609, a and communication index of 1,714,337, In total, her brand reputation index stands at 3,621,009.

Oh My Girl's Arin has occupied the third position with a brand index reputation of 3,440,360. Her participation index for the month stands at 683946, media index stands at 281,433, community index stands at 1,186,362, and communication index stands at1,288,619. Aespa's Winter and Giselle are in the next two positions with brand index reputation of 3,199,614 and 3,09,0847, respectively.

Winter has a participation index of 1,602,077, a media index of 455,936, a community index of 588,969, and a communication index of 552,631. Whereas Giselle has scored a participation index of 1,507,526, a media index of 509,727, a community index of 549,052, and a communication index of 524,541 to brand reputation index of 3,090,847.

Blackpink's Rose Slips to 10th Place
Twice's Jeongyeon has occupied sixth place with a brand index score of 2,847,525. Aespa's Ninjgning has earned a brand index score of 2,529,645. She is followed by Brave Girls' Minyoung (2,500,007) and Eunji (2,485,567).

Blackpink's Rose, who was in second place last month, has slipped to 10th place with a brand index score of 2,389,874.

The Korean Business Research Institute comes up with a comprehensive report on brand reputation based on media coverage, consumer participation, interaction, and community indexes of the popular Korean stars using big data.