Han Ye Seul Had Links With Prostitution and Room Salon, Garo Sero Institute Alleges

Garo Sero Institute's Kim Yong Ho has continued to attack Han Ye Seul. After digging up information about her new boyfriend, the former journalist is now targeting her past life by making allegations one after the other.

Garo Sero Institute Now Makes Allegations of Prostitution Against Han Ye Seul
Han Ye Seul. Han Ye Seul Instagram

Prostitution Links
Kim Yong Ho has now stated that Han Ye Seul was once a prostitute. In the video released on 16 June, he stated that she lied in her clarification video and claimed that he will expose all her lies.

He talks about the actress denying dating with the vice-chairman of Wonjin back then and confirming now that she had dated him. Kim Yong Ho reveals about a witness stating that she had worked at a 'room salons', adult entertainment establishments, even after turning a supermodel.

Email from Informant
"I am sending you this email after watching Han Ye Seul's YouTube video...seeing her lie confidently made me want to share some information. It lies with my husband...20 years ago, there was a room salon called ILGAA and he saw her there. I think she worked part-time there. He said he remembered because this was after Han Ye Seul became a supermodel in the states. I think the room salon promoted the fact that they had a supermodel working for them. Apparently, all the men who went to that room salon know about this fact," Koreaboo quotes the e-mail sent by Kim Yong Ho's avid viewer.

The former journalist adds that he is now collecting necessary information about her while sharing the conversation that he had with the informer who alleged that she was involved in illegal activity.

"Do you know how Han Ye Seul made her debut? The day she won and debuted as a supermodel, I know what hotel she went to. It's near Itaewon. I had a follow-up with Han Ye Seul that day and something happened there on that day," the website quotes the informant as saying.

Han Ye Seul made acting debut with Nonstop after winning SBS' Supermodel contest in 2001. Since then, she has worked hard to build her career in the entertainment industry and part of successful TV dramas like Couple or Trouble, Tazza, Birth of a Beauty, and films like Miss Gold Digger and Penny Pinchers.

In the last couple of weeks since she announced her relationship with a non-celebrity boyfriend, the actress has been facing lots of allegations. Firstly, her boyfriend was alleged by Geru Sero Institute that he was a male escort once and now about her past.

Nonetheless, the 40-year old has relentlessly defended herself and her beau.

This article was first published on June 18, 2021