Aespa Members Share Their Struggles as K-pop Idols in New SM Culture Universe Video [WATCH]

Aespa members -- Ningning, Winter, Karina, and Giselle -- recently captured the attention of several K-pop fans from different countries with the release of a new SM Culture Universe (SMCU) update. In the new video, the girl group members share their struggles of being a part of the Korean music industry and having many followers.

The video begins by featuring the news of Ae's disappearance from the real world. To find out the cause for it, the girl group members travel to KWANGYA with the help of Naevis. Upon reaching the place, the idols start to explore it and face the harsh realities of their lives, like dealing with criticisms and malicious comments online. The Aespa members try to showcase their best qualities to the world. It puts them under pressure to be better in life and set examples for their followers.

Karina's Insecurities

The SMCU clip begins by featuring Karins's insecurities while she was on a train with her teammates. The train with the signboard Black Mamba takes Karina to a place where she confronts her insecurities. She stands in a room, which is surrounded by mirrors and the voices of her followers. When she hears the phrases like I trust you, Karina, and Karina is mature, the K-pop idol feels pressured. According to the netizens, the scene features the struggles of Karina to meet the expectations of her admirers.

The clip features Karina's Ae taunting her about being the best version of her after being controlled by Black Mamba. The Ae tells Karina that she is someone who the idol always wanted to be in life. The Ae also told the singer that she can't stay by her side all the time.

Aespa Members
Aespa Members SM Entertainment

"Karina, how long did you think I'd stay by your side? You uploaded data that you like on social media. And I was created with only your best qualities. I am the perfect version of you that you always wanted to be. Do you think you'll continue to look the way you do when you get older? What will happen when you fall ill? You will change as time passes. But I will always be perfect", the Ae says

Winter's Nightmare

In the meantime, Winter deals with malicious comments and strange gossip. She gets surrounded by all the comments and gossip she never wanted to hear. She gets terrified by hearing all the malicious commenters and strange gossip. The idol also struggles to focus on her career, which depends on public opinions.

"These scenes are so full of deep meanings. The way their lore is mirroring what the public does to them esp in this app. Aespa facing diff kinds of cyberbullying, self-doubt, gossip, and the toxic media. The message of their lore is so strong and timely in this society", a Tweet read.

Lack of Privacy and Ugly Trolls

Meanwhile, Aespa members Giselle and Ningning dealt with the lack of privacy and ugly trolls in the SMCU video. The moment K-pop idols step out in public, they get surrounded by their fans. They also had to deal with hateful comments and ugly trolls in their glamorous careers. The clip features them all and shows how they affect the lives of these idols.

Watch the Video Below

The girl group members are currently busy with the preparations for the release of their second mini-album, Girls. The comeback project is scheduled to be released on July 8. The fans are curious to know its storyline. The album surpassed a million stock pre-orders. Ahead of the album's release, the band will drop an English-language single titled Life's Too Short. It will be released on June 24.

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