Is Yoo Jimin Making Debut as Karina Through New SM Entertainment Girl Group Aespa?

Winter aka Kim Min Jeong, Karina aka Yoo Jimim, NingNing and Aeri are said to be the four members of aespa.

SM Entertainment's new girl group aespa is the hot topic being discussed in the Kpop world. After a series of controversies, SM not only announced the new girl group but also introduced two of its members. Guess what, netizens think one member is Yoo Jimin, who was the center of controversy a week ago.

SM Entertainment introduced two of the members of aespa with an avatar-like concept. The first member of aespa is Winter. The first look shows Winter in soft hues of pink, purple, and blue with wavy hair. Reports claim Winter's original name is Kim Min Jeong. It is said that she has been a trainee with SM Entertainment for three years.

Winter Karina Aespa
SM Entertainment introduced members of its new girl group aespa, Winter and Karina. Instagram

The second member to be revealed is Karina. More than Winter, Karina is drawing the attention of netizens because of her resemblance to Yoo Jimin. Various reports including Kprofiles stated that Karina was in fact Yoo Jimin, SM Entertainment trainee for four years. Unlike other members of aespa, Jimin was well known in the industry even before her debut. She had made an appearance in Taemin's music video Want. She is also known to be a former ulzzang. She has also covered BLACKPINK's Boombayah and HyunA's Bubble Pop at Hansol festival in 2016.

The other two members, though not introduced officially, are said to be China-based singer NingNing and Japanese singer Aeri. Currently, netizens are appreciating the way SM is introducing its new group members with unique concept. But speculation of Karina being Yoo Jimin is also attracting negative comments even before aespa's debut.

Aespa has also revealed virtual avatar of Karina. A video of Karina speaking to her virtual avatar called ae-Karina has gone viral on social media. Netizens are speculating that this group also might include virtual avatars of the members.

What is Yoo Jimin Controversy?

Personal messages claimed to be exchanged between Yoo Jimin and her friend were posted online showing the latter in bad light. According to the messages, Jimin had insulted members of Kpop groups NCT, EXO and also BTS. The messages claimed that she had called RM and Jimin of BTS ugly and spoke badly about NCT and EXO along with her own agency SM Entertainment.

However, these messages were said to be fake. Her agency SM Entertainment released a statement and said that the company was taking legal action against netizens who tried to defame their trainee with baseless accusations.

Soon after that there was news that SM Entertainment was going to introduce its new girl group and Yoo Jimin was a member in the group. Though the agency has not revealed it, netizens have said that Karina is Yoo Jimin. Despite clarification by the agency about the fake messages, Karina is receiving hate messages online.