Adam Sandler Death Hoax: Baseless Rumors Spread By Viral TikTok Clip Claims Actor Drowned

Rumours are doing the rounds on social media that Adam Sandlers, 55, had died. The cause of Sandler's death ranges from an apparent suicide to death in a car crash. In a viral clip, a TikTok user claimed the actor is no more as he had drowned. "Adam Sandler has now been pronounced dead after drowning," read a text shared by a TikToker, who once again revived Sandler's death rumor that had started in 2017.

Sandler, who is also known to be one of the most popular comedians in Hollywood, has often been the target of fake online reports involving his rumored death. Not to forget the rumor of January 13, 2017, when false news purveyor LinkBeef published that Sandler had died by apparent suicide. Meanwhile, people on social media started reacting to the fake news as many were confused whether the actor drowned to death or lost his life in a car accident.

According to fact check news website, Snopes, an obituary was published by a Nigerian junk site which read, "On January 12th, 2022 learned about the death of Adam Sandler through a Social Media post. He was an American-based actor, comedian and producer 'Billy Madison', 'Big Daddy', 'The Longest Yard' are some of the best comedic roles throughout his career. The cause of his death is car accident. But they left behind a legacy of lovable memories, and those who knew him will miss him greatly. [...]

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I'm sorry to share this sad news about the passing of Adam Sandler. His family and friends are in a state of shock after the unexpected death of him."

Yes, Adam Sandler's Death Is a Hoax

While the original post, which began resurfacing on TikTok on January 11, worried Sandler fans, the news of his demise is absolutely fake. The Grown Upsactor is very much alive and doing well. He recently posted a tribute to the late Bob Saget. "Great man. Funny as hell. Such a nice person. love to Bob and his whole family," Sandler's tweet read.

Adam Sandler death hoax
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Worried Fans React to Sandler's Fake Death

Fans took to social media to express their grief. "I paused after I read and felt pain for a good couple of minutes," one user wrote while another said, "Adam Sandler — Hey, are you okay? There's a TikTok going around saying you are dead. If so, that's really sad because you are a great actor and I love watching movies that you star in."

This article was first published on January 14, 2022