Instagram Stars Pose For Luxury Fashion Video Ads In Latest Hollywood Trend

Swagga BOB

A videographer who works with Instagram stars has predicted the biggest social media trend for 2022 – having your own luxury fashion ad.

M.CHERiE, formerly known as Swagga BOB, from Los Angeles, US, works with top names online including models, celebrities and influencers who have millions of followers.

Ahead of the new year, the videographer has revealed that top names online are moving away from traditional selfies in favour of creating their own motion picture – and he believes more celebrities will soon jump on the trend.

M.Cherie has worked with Instagram influencers such as Abigail Ratchford – who has over nine million followers – Sports Illustrated model Yuliya Lasmovich and TV host Holly Sonders, among many others.

Abigail has collaborated with the videographer to produce several clips which, rather than plugging a product, are designed to promote their star.

In one video, she poses among Louis Vuitton bags, dripping in gold jewellery in a nod to her luxury lifestyle.

In another clip, posted on her Instagram, she wears a white swimsuit and denim jacket, and shows off her modelling range with a series of sultry poses.

"The reason I think video is as appealing as it is, has to be that real-time expression and body language – kind of in the same way that reading a text and hearing a person's voice are different," M.CHERiE, who has nearly 250,000 followers (@M.Cherie._), told Jam Press.

"I love that Instagram is becoming more of a video platform – it gives myself and creatives alike a more effective way to display our art.

"I 100% think social media will continue moving in this direction.

"I believe with how accessible the tools are for creators nowadays, there's a constant rollout of quality video content and it will only grow."

Model Yuliya Lasmovich, who has modelled for GQ, Maxim, Playboy and Sports Illustrated, collaborated with M.CHERiE on a video advert, too.

In the luxury ad, she wears bright clothes and sunglasses and has a towel wrapped around her head as she relaxes poolside.

She is filmed at multiple angles as she shows off her modelling expertise, smiling and posing for the camera, with Calvin Harris' 'Slide' playing in the background.

TV presenter and model Holly Sonders also took full advantage of M.CHERiE's services, producing a glamorous video showing her close-up covered in silver and ruby jewels.

A self-described "cinematographer of fashion", M.CHERiE describes his filming style as "very cinematic", incorporating slow motion shots and focusing on body language and facial expression.

His signature approach moves away from commercial video production and instead incorporates chopped clips and a personalised score for each piece.

The finished product is something the stars can plug on their social media accounts, and the videographer believes they are more interactive than static images.

On how these videos can benefit influencers, M.CHERiE, who has worked with Vogue in the past, believes the service helps elevate them to being "notable figures".

He said: "I believe it's more about the fact that they can still be their most authentic selves, while putting out the quality video content they've always coveted as the notable figures they are.

"I've been told from my clients that they've felt the most comfortable, most expressive and that they put out their best work with me.

"I cherish that and it fuels me to keep raising the bar."

The videographer's reputation means he can afford to be very selective when it comes to who he works with, and even what he produces for them.

He added: "Models, artists and people that appreciate the human body come to me for my style of work – my DMs are very entertaining!"