Who is Arina Bloom? United Airlines Air Hostess Fired For Secret TikTok Videos in Uniform Just Before Christmas Holidays

A United Airlines air hostess has shared that she got fired from her job for sharing secrets of the aviation industry. In an emotional video, Arina Bloom, the flight attendant, said that her employer knew about her social media stunts. But, she had to lose her job after someone complained about them.

"My airline was pretty much aware of my social media platform, they even commented on my video back in August so it's not like I was hiding something. But all of a sudden in December it became a problem," Bloom stated in her TikTok video with tearful eyes.

According to the air hostess, she had about 20 such videos, and she got in trouble for every single video where she had appeared in her uniform. "There are hundreds, thousands of flight attendants on social media. How are you going to work for an airline you're proud of and never post a picture in your entire life," before calling out the person who made the complaint.

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She said, "I'm pretty sure this person is watching me right now and I have to tell you, my friend, you should be proud of yourself...because you really got me... you really got me this time. I was forced to resign."

Bloom also added that she had deleted all the videos related to her job, thinking she could save her job. But it didn't work. Moreover, Bloom said she was only trying to show how happy and proud she was to be a part of the airline. She wanted to inspire others through her videos to join the aviation industry. Instead, she lost her job just before her birthday and the Christmas holidays.

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Who is Arina Bloom?

Arina Bloom was working as an air hostess at United Airlines. She was an active TikTok user encouraging people to join the aviation industry through her videos.

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This article was first published on January 3, 2022