'365 Days' Actor Michele Morrone Full Frontal Images Leaked Online; Shot During Shower Scene for Sequel

Italian actor Michele Morrone's full frontal nudes were leaked online sending his fans into a tizzy. Morrone's leaked pictures were from a naked shower scene being shot for the '365 Days' sequel.

The Italian actor shot into global limelight after he portrayed the role of gangster Massimo Torricelli in the Netflix's erotica film, '365 Days'.

Michele Morrone
Italian actor Michele Morrone nudes were leaked online. Twitter

Morrone Bares it All in the leaked Nudes

Just Jared reported that the steamy pictures featured the Italian heartthrob leaning against a window while shooting the shower scene. The scene was being shot at a villa in Sardinia, Italy.

The actor is seen bare chested wearing only a black colored lower as he appears to go towards the set. The pictures also showed Morrone in various stages of removing his underwear inside the shower.

In some of the pictures, Morrone's manhood is also visible. Despite Morrone's team making every effort to remove the X-rated pictures from the social media, it was still available on multiple platforms.

Morrone Terms the Leaks 'Big Offence' to Him

However, the leaked nudes seemed to have left the actor quite upset. In a post made on his Instagram account, Morrone slammed the leaks. "As an actor your life becomes public. But, as a human being, I would still like my privacy to myself, and I'm a huge fan of privacy. It is never ok to invade someone's privacy and it's very disrespectful. What happened is a big offence to me."

Michele Morrone
Statement issued by Michele Morrone. Instagram

In his statement, the actor also thanked his loved ones who helped take down the nude pictures from online portals. "I really wanna thank all of my online family for taking action against all the private images of me that leaked while I was working on set professionally," he said.

"I really appreciate what you've all done guys... as always, .. Thank you... I love you!!" the actor concluded his statement.

365 Days revolves around a mafia don who kidnaps a woman and confines her to his mansion for a year, by which time he expects her to fall in love with him. Despite the erotic movie facing a severe backlash for promoting rape-culture, the makers announced that it would be a trilogy. The sequel also features Model Simone Susinna, who will come between the Massimo and Laura Biel, played by Anna-Maria.