34-Year-Old Florida Man Arrested for Stabbing Woman Multiple Times 'Because He Wanted To'

Victim mistook the attack for punches until she observed blood from one of the wounds

A 34-year-old Florida man is apprehended by the Collier County Sheriff's Office after allegedly stabbing a woman multiple times in the parking lot of a Walgreens in Naples. Kenneth Bryan now faces charges of aggravated battery with a deadly weapon, according to official arrest records.


The harrowing event unfolded shortly after 2 p.m. when deputies responded to distress calls reporting a woman being attacked with a knife after leaving the Walgreens. The victim recounted that she had noticed Bryan following her and attempted to quicken her pace to escape, but unfortunately, her efforts were in vain.

Bryan reportedly stabbed the woman twice in the back. Initially, the victim mistook the attack for punches until she observed blood from one of the wounds. The woman tried to walk faster to get to her car, but before she could get to safety, Bryan grabbed her and stabbed her twice in the back with a 5-inch serrated knife, deputies said. At the time, the victim initially thought the suspect was punching her. A Walgreens employee who witnessed the attack then called for help. Despite the severity of the situation, she received on-site medical attention and opted not to be transported to the hospital, as confirmed by officials.

When questioned about his motive for the stabbing, Bryan provided a disturbing response, as outlined in the arrest affidavit. A spokesperson for Walgreens expressed concern, stating, "The safety of our patients, customers, and team members is our priority. We are cooperating with law enforcement regarding this incident," in response to the unsettling occurrence.

Records from the jail indicate that Bryan has a history of prior arrests, including charges of aggravated battery, aggravated assault, and battery dating back to 2014. The Collier County Sheriff's Office is actively investigating the case, emphasizing the severity of the charges against Bryan and the potential threat he poses to the community.