19-Year-Old Tiktoker Trolled for Proposing to 76-Year-Old Girlfriend; Trolls React On the Age Gap

The TikTok video has surpassed 20 million on the platform with more than 1000 likes and 100 comments.

An Italian teen has taken the internet by storm by posting a TikTok video of proposing to his 76-year-old girlfriend. The video was a romantic compilation of the teen popping the question and it has already surpassed 20 million views.

Giuseppe D'Anna, 19, is pictured holding a bunch of balloon hearts, kneeling next to his gray-haired fiancée. The video, captioned as "La nostra promessa," which translates to "our promise" shows several pictures of the couple sharing a kiss as well as a close-up of the diamond ring with which D'Anna proposed.

Italian Teen Proposal
Giuseppe D'Anna and his "girlfriend" Twitter

A series of pictures of the couple in a loving embrace were shared by the smitten teen, wherein he wrote that this is only the "beginning of a long relationship," NY Post reported.

The video received more than 100 comments, but not all the users were congratulating the couple. Many users are speculating the reason behind D'Anna proposing marriage to a woman 57 years senior to him.

According to The Mirror, some even accused D'Anna of using his girlfriend for money. "How many billions does Grandma have in her account?" a TikTok user wrote. Another person commented: "Oh she rich...We all know what he in it for."

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Since the couple has always kissed each other on the cheek and never on the lips in any of their TikTok video, a few users believe this was a prank and the lady is actually D'Anna's grandmother.

One user said: "Nope that's enough internet for today."


While a majority of users appeared perturbed by this unusual romance, there were a few others who congratulated the couple on their happy day.

"It is wonderful what you do because, in any case, it is true that love has no age," one user wrote.
Another stated: "Jesus loves you guys."

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Despite the strong negative reaction of the trolls, D'Anna has shared more posts after his engagement announcement, captioning one of the clips as "Siamo anime gemelle," which means, "We are soul mates."

This is not the first time when the age gap debate has emerged as a hot topic for discussion among social media users. The 23-year-old TikToker, known as King Quran and his girlfriend, Queen Cheryl, 60 had similarly flaunted their romance online and targeted by the trolls.

Same was the case with Model Willow Sias, 23, who had to defend her relationship with 63-year-old David Simonini, who was her 'first and only Tinder date'.