Woman Tricks Tinder Date for Getting a Ride to Another Man's House

An anonymous man revealed on a social media platform that he was tricked by a woman during a Tinder date. The netizen explained how he was used by his date to get a lift to another man's house. According to him, he was left waiting for his date while she was enjoying her time with another man.

The anonymous man shared the details of his " shortest" and "saddest" ever Tinder date on Reedit. He began his story by revealing how he met this "really cute girl" and decided to go on a date with her. The netizen said his date suggested he pick her up from the house to go on a date. On their way to the date location, she asked him to take her to a friend's house to pick something.

After dropping his date at her friend's house, he waited for her. He waited in front of the house for nearly 10 minutes before trying to contact her through messages and calls. Since she did not respond to his calls or messages, he went to the house. When he knocked on the door, a tall man came out. The person told the dater that she is having sex with his roommate.

The Reedit user quietly left the place. The next morning, he received a message from his Tinder date. In the message, she blamed the "striking Uber drivers" for forcing people to find other ways for getting a car ride.

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Several netizens reassured the Reedit user that he was lucky to find it out during the first date.

"So she used you as a free taxi service? Pretty sure that's against the terms on Tinder, I'd fire off a report. Besides that, you dodged a bullet. If she's conceited enough to think that's appropriate behavior god only knows what else she feels entitled to get away with", a netizen wrote.

"Hey OP, it happens. I had a tinder match a long while back that was interested in meeting up for some drinks. So, we met up at a bar I usually don't go to and she started "running into a bunch of people she knew" after the third round of drinks a couple of kind ladies sitting across the bar from me gave me the "Bro, it's a trap" eyes. So, I closed my tab and went home. There's some a******* out there. But for what it's worth, I met my wife through online dating. Just not tinder", another Netizen shared.

Man Driving Car
An anonymous man was tricked by his Tinder date to get a ride to another man's house. [Representational Image] Pixabay/ahsancheema056

"Reminds me of the time I was supposed to go on a dinner date with a girl I didn't know that well, and she was a total bitch from the minute she got in the car. After a few minutes of that, I turned the car around and said something like: "you know what, this just isn't going to work out", and I dropped her off back at her house. She was shocked. That's the only time anything like that ever happened to me. Maybe I learned a lesson and stopped asking out people before I knew them better", the third person stated.

"Both happened to me, once. The worst part was it wasn't the first date. I think it was our third planned date? Picked her up from work, got a nice restaurant takeout, went back to her place and she shut the lobby door in my face parting with only a "Mark is coming over!" Drove an hour and a half, spent $44 on a nice meal... For someone else. That drive home was nice", the fourth Reedit user said.

When a Tinder date went wrong.... Pixabay/solenfeyissa

There were also several comments praising the tattoo guy. While some people described it as a "bro-moment", a few others said he was kind and empathetic towards the dater. Some of the Reedit users also suggested the anonymous man report the woman on Tinder.