Yumi's Cells Returns with Season 2: Premiere Recap, Episode 2 Spoilers, and Streaming Details

Yumi's Cells 2 premiered on TVING Friday, June 10, at 10 pm KST, and it focussed on Kim Yumi's break up with Goo Woong. The second season picked up right from where the web series left off in season 1, and episode 1 featured the final meeting between the former couple. After their unexpected breakup, the female lead waited for her former lover in hopes of a reunion.

Yumi's cells also expected a reunion between the two characters. So, they patiently waited for him and even tried to contact him. When her phone rang on the sixth day of their breakup, she thought it could be him. Unfortunately, it was her friend who always teased her about being single. The call hurt her badly as it affected her wound of breakup.

The cells did not know how to calm her, and they tried everything to help her overcome the breakup with Woong. She went out for dinner, did some shopping, drank beer at night, and even tried to throw away everything that reminded her of Woong, but nothing helped overcome her breakup. She continued to struggle with the good memories of them together.

Yumi's Cells 2
The character poster of the upcoming TVing drama Yumi's Cells 2. Twitter

Yoo Babi's Fan Club

Yumi struggled with her breakup until she started reading a novel Yoo Babi gave her. The book was so interesting that she forgot about her situation. She started enjoying her life. In the meantime, her detective club secretly started a fan club of Yoo Babi. Although he kept it a secret, the word soon spread across the village, and many cells joined the club.

Yumi's Cells became lively again, and they all looked forward to her new romantic journey with Yoo Babi. When Yoo Babi asked her out, they became excited and started celebrating. Towards the end of the premiere episode, Yoo Babi asked her to go out on a date, and the cells were surprised to hear it.

Yumi's Cells season 2
A poster of Yumi's Cells season 2. Twitter

Yumi's Cells Episode 2 Spoilers and Streaming Details

Yumi's Cells episode 2 will air on TVING Saturday, June 11, at 10 pm KST. It will focus on the blossoming romance between Yoo Babi and Yumi. The promo video shows Yumi trying to ignore Yoo Babi until she overhears Ruby trying to set him on a blind date. She may decide to go out with Yoo Babi because she does not want to lose him.

Her love cell is critically ill, and the other cells will patiently wait for him to decide on her love life. The footage hints at the return of the love cell, which might work hard to help Yumi start a new journey with Yoo Babi. The relationship could bring in changes in her life, the producers teased.

K-drama fans from the countries like the US, the UK, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, Australia, India, Singapore, Spain, Denmark, Europe, Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Hong Kong, South Africa, and the Middle East, can watch the second episode with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Viki.