Yumi's Cells 2 Spoilers: 3 Big Revelation by Casts and Creators

Yumi's Cells 2 is set to premiere on TVING in June with a new love story for the title character. The sequel will also focus on the love life of Ruby, who might have a secret crush on Yumi's illustrator Control Z. The other casts to reprise their roles in the next season include Joo Jong Hyuk as Louis and GOT7 member Park Jin Young as Yoo Babi.

Although Ahn Bo Young may not have an important role in the next season as Goo Woong, Jong Hyuk said he could be a part of the story. So, the followers of this fantasy romantic drama are curious to know if actress Park Ji Hyun will reprise her role as Woong's colleague Seo Sae Yi. The creators and the cast members are tight-lipped about it. But Jong Hyun confirmed his appearance in the second season.

"They say that they're airing Season 2 as well. I plan to diligently appear there too. Since it's a cute role, please watch over me cutely and I ask that you give us lots of love. Thank you", the actor said.

Yumi's Cells season 2
A poster of Yumi's Cells 2. Twitter

Here are other big revelations made by the cast and crew of Yumi's Cells 2:

A New Beginning for Yumi - Actress Kim Go Eun teased a new beginning for her character in the next sequel. She said there could be new stories for Yumi in season 2. The actress said she hopes the viewers will have fun watching them.

"Please look forward to Season 2 as much as you loved Season 1. Since there will be new stories, I hope you have even more fun watching", she said.

What's Next for Goo Woong? - Actor Bo Hyun seems to be doubtful about reprising his role as Goo Woong in the next sequel. During an interview in November 2021, the cast member said he did not receive the script for the next season. So, the actor was not sure if he would be a part of it.

"I haven't received any part of the script for season two, so I'm thinking that I might be able to make an appearance. If the script was completed I could mention that I'm not appearing, but seeing how the director said 'I don't know,' I think he doesn't know since the script isn't out yet", the actor said.

A Dynamic Theme - Yumi's Cells 2 will have a dynamic theme compared to the lovey-dovey season 1, according to creator Song Jae Jung. She said the sequel would focus on the growth of the characters. It could be a mild version of Sex and the City, she added.

"Season 2 will tell the story of Yoo Babi and Yumi, which will be different from the relationship with Goo Woong. I look forward to coming back with Season 2", director Lee Sang Yeop shared.

Meanwhile, Block B member P.O will make a special appearance in the upcoming sequel of this fantasy romance series. He will appear in the drama as Yumi's illustrator Control Z. Actress Shin Ye Eun will also make a special appearance in the series as Yoo Da Eun, a part-timer at a Tteokbokki restaurant run by Yoo Babi.