Kairos actor Ahn Bo Hyun Opens up About his role in Kim Go Eun starrer Romantic Comedy Drama

Actor Ahn Bo Hyun of Kairos fame shared some details about his character in the upcoming romantic comedy-drama, starring Kim Go Eun in lead roles. Read on to know more about it.

Kairos actor Ahn Bo Hyun has opened up about his role in the upcoming romantic comedy-drama Yumi's Cell, starring The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun in lead roles. In the mini-series that is based on a popular webtoon of the same name, the actor portrays a sincere game developer named Goo Woong.

About his character, Bo Hyun said he is excited about portraying Woong onscreen and is preparing hard to feature Woong as similar as possible. According to the actor, he is doing everything to make the character look as accurate as possible.

Since the webtoon was very popular, this character can be recognized by webtoon fans. So, it is important to help them relate with the character, the actor added. To do so, the actor began his preparations by working on the physical appearance of the character, he told Elle Magazine.

What is the Story of Yumi's Cell?

The mini-series will focus on the various challenges faced by an ordinary office worker named Yumi, who struggles to express her feelings. The story will be narrated from the point of view of the various brain cells of the title character that controls her thoughts, actions, and feelings.

Popular screenwriter Kim Yoon Joo, who wrote the script of MBC drama Find Me In Your Memory, penned the script for Yumi's Cell in association with screenwriter Song Jae Jung of Memories of the Alhambra fame and rookie writer Kim Kyung Ran. Producing director Lee Sang Yeob of the 2016 MBC drama Shopping King Louie will direct this mini-series.

Ahn bo Hyun Kim Go Eun
Ahn Bo Hyun has been paired opposite Kim Go Eun in the drama Yumi's Cells.  Instagram

Ahn Bo Hyun to Share Screen Space with The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun

In the mini-series, the actor will share screen space with The King: Eternal Monarch star Kim Go Eun. She will portray the title character who eventually falls in love with the game developer. The actress revealed that she is excited to feature Yumi onscreen, and she is looking forward to her future journey. According to her, the relatability of the character helped the webtoon fans empathize with her.

Yumi's Cell will premiere through TVing and tvN later this year, and it will have multiple seasons with 14 episodes each. The drama will feature actress Lee Yoo Bi as an affectionate and energetic young woman named Ruby and actress Park Ji Hyun as a close friend of Goo Woong named Sae Yi. SHINee member Min Ho will also make a guest appearance in the mini-series.