The Witch's Diner Spoilers: Song Ji Hyo Dishes About her Role in Upcoming Fantasy Thriller Drama

Actress Song Ji Hyo recently dished her role in the upcoming fantasy thriller drama The Witch's Diner. The mini-series is based on a novel of the same name by writer Goo Sang Hee, and it features her as a witch named Hee Ra. The character owns a restaurant that sells food to the customers in return for their souls.

Actress Nam Ji Hyun also appears in the drama as a restaurant employee named Jin along with actor Chae Jong Hyeon. He will appear in the mini-series as a young and optimistic part-timer Gil Yong. The mini-series will premiere on TVING next week, and it will focus on the various challenges faced by Jin after she enjoys the food served by witch Hee Ra.

Song Ji Hyo Opens Up About Transforming into a Witch for the First Time Onscreen

In her two-decades-long acting career, the 39-year-old actress never portrayed a witch onscreen. It was one of the reasons she got attracted to this web drama. According to the actress, she wanted to try out something new, and she knew that witch Hee Ra has a powerful appeal among viewers.

Hee Ra is a witch who owns a restaurant. A realistic, modern, and approachable personality will make the character more appealing, Ji Hyo said. She also wanted her character to break free from the typical idea of the witch, and she prepared well for the character.

The Witch's Diner
Actress Song Ji Hyo as witch Hee Ra in the upcoming web drama The Witch's Diner. Twitter/TVing

With the help of her stylist and the production team, she managed to come up with a new look for the character. Hee Ra will give the viewers an instant impression of a witch. She will also capture the viewers' attention with her modern and realistic looks.

"I used long fingernails, color contact lens, unusual fabric prints, red hair, and small but detailed accessories to make the character look more realistic," Was It Love? Star said.

Here is Why Song Ji Hyo Wants to Portray Hee Ra

Another reason for the Entourage actress to sign for this project is its story. The actress said she was curious about the story treatment ever since she heard about its making, and she desperately waited for the first script reading session.

"The original novel by writer Goo Sang Hee is well-known to the public, and when I heard that it was being made into a drama, I was curious as to how it would be made. When I first received the script, I was strongly attracted to the storyline. It was so interesting that I remember I read it in a flash," she said.

The Witch's Diner, also known as Come To The Witch Restaurant, will premiere on TVING on July 16.

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