Yumi's Cells 2 Episode 11 How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

Yumi's Cells 2 episode 11 will air on TVING Friday, July 15, at 4 pm KST, and it might focus on a love triangle between Goo Woong, Kim Yumi, and Yoo Babi. The female lead was busy focusing on her new career path when she met her ex-boyfriend again. Since the game developer has lingering feelings for his former lover, he was happy to meet her.

In the upcoming episode, Woong will secretly team up with illustrator Control Z to meet Yumi again and ask her for a second chance. However, he is likely to have fierce competition with Yoo Babi, who is back in town as the head of the marketing department. He is yet to accept his breakup with Yumi. So, he is sure to approach her for a second chance.

The promo video for this week shows Babi and Woong trying their best to impress Yumi. It remains to be seen whether Yumi will consider any of them or decide to enjoy her professional life. She seems to enjoy focusing on her new career path as a rookie writer. The female lead secretly tracked the sales record of her first book and was happy to know that people liked it.

Yumi's Cells 2
A poster featuring Yumi and her love cell. Twitter

Episodes 9 and 10 Recap

Previously in Yumi's Cells 2, Editor Ahn Dae Young introduced Yumi to illustrator Control Z. She did not like the illustrator because of his unique personality. But the writer could not do anything about it. Since the illustrator was good at his work, the writer decided to continue working with him. In the meantime, she also prepared for her Christmas vacation with Babi.

Yumi was excited about her trip to Jeju, and she prepared well for it. Upon reaching the island, she got the first shocking news. Babi has put his apartment on sale. When she asked him, he said it was difficult to commute from that place. Yumi believed it until her meeting with Da Eun, who told her about confessed her feelings to Babi. The female lead released she may not get her happy ending with Babi. So, she decided to call it quits with him.

Yumi met Babi at a restaurant and confronted him about the confession made by Da Eun. Her boyfriend told her he was attracted to the intern, but it was a momentary feeling. But Yumi did not accept his apology. She broke up with him and focussed on her new career.

Yumi's Cells
Yumi gets entangled in a love triangle with Yoo Babi and Goo Woong. Twitter

An Unexpected Reunion

While Yumi was busy working on her new book, she met Woong unexpectedly. Control Z reunited the former couple because he knew they still liked each other. Woong was happy to meet Yumi again and tell her about his success. She was not at all surprised to see him successfully running a business. But the reunion brought hopes for Woong, and he decided to try out for a second chance with Yumi.

In the meantime, Babi returned to town as the head of the marketing department at Daehan Noodles. Yumi's friend Yi Da informed her about Babi's return. He is sure to meet Yumi and request her second chance. With just three episodes left for the finale of this mini-series, the viewers are curious to know if Yoo Babi or Goo Woong will get a second chance.

Watch Yumi's Cells 2 episode 11 on TVING Friday, July 15, at 4 pm KST. The followers of this web drama from countries like the US, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Peru, Denmark, Europe, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand can watch the upcoming episode on various streaming platforms, including Viki.