Yue Emily Yu: California Dermatologist Charged For Poisoning Husband's Tea with Drain Cleaner; Victim Left With Ulcers in Stomach

Yue Emily Yu, a California based dermatologist, was charged with multiple counts after she was caught trying to poison her husband by pouring Drano in his tea. Yu's was caught on a CCTV installed by the victim in his home.

Yue Emily Yu

The doctor is charged with three felony counts of poisoning and one felony count of domestic battery with injury, the Orange County District Attorney's Office said in a statement. The formal charges came a year after Yu was caught by her husband.

Tea Was Left on the Counter

The New York Post reported that Yu's husband and the victim, Jack Chen, a radiologist, suspected something suspicious after he observed a strange taste in his daily cup of tea. It prompted the radiologist to set up a secret camera in the kitchen.

The outlet further claimed that after three days, Yu was caught pouring the drain cleaner from a large red colored contained into Chen's tea that was left on the kitchen countertop. The images from the hidden camera were shared by Chen with the authorities.

The Orange County District Attorney's Office said that the victim submitted the samples of the poisoned tea with the Irvine police which later confirmed the substance to be the liquid cleaner. The Irvine, California based Dermatologist was arrested in August 2022, but later released on bail.

Yu's Husband Suffered from Ulcers

Claiming that Chen suffered from stomach ulcers as a result of the alleged poisoning, Orange County District Attorney Todd Spitzer issued a statement. "Our homes should be where we feel the safest. Yet, a licensed medical professional capitalized on her husband's daily rituals to torment her husband by systematically plying his tea with a Drano-like substance intending to cause him pain and suffering," it read.

The outlet reported that Chen, who was married to the dermatologist for ten years, filed for a divorce from Yu after she was arrested in August 2022. He also got a restraining order issued against Yu to keep her away from their two elementary-age children.

In his statement the radiologist accused his wife and his mother-in-law of mistreating him and their two kids for a long time. "As early as two-years-old Emily and Amy were verbally and then physically abusive to [our son and daughter] which intensified as they grew older," he said. "They are both verbally and physically abusive to me."