Dr Disrespect Returns to Streaming; Here is All You Need to Know About His First YouTube Live

Dr Disrespect's first YouTube live-stream was watched by 335,000 people.

Dr Disrespect is back to streaming. He chose to live-stream on YouTube after being banned from Twitch on June 26 this year. His fans are still wondering about the reason behind the ban, but instead of explaining the situation, the popular streamer took action and started live streaming on YouTube. He came online last night to announce his first live streaming on YouTube.

He came on YouTube and kept the video going on for an hour just to say that he will be back at 12 p.m. Pacific Time on April 8. The video was watched by more than 335,000 people who expressed disappointment that throughout the one-hour long video they kept waiting for Dr Disrespect to appear, but all they heard was his voice over on regular intervals. He was heard making fun of people including Joe Rogan and Shroud.

Dr Disrespect
Dr Disrespect started live streaming from YouTube after getting banned from Twitch. YouTube videograb

Dr Disrespect Sings With YouTube?

This made people wonder what kind of a deal Dr Disrespect has made with YouTube after getting permanently banned from Twitch? The answer to this question was given by Rod Slasher Breslau, a veteran of competitive gaming, sports journalist and broadcaster.

In his tweet Slasher said that his sources at Facebook Gaming and YouTube have told him that the channel (YouTube) has not offered any streaming deals to Dr Disrespect. Dr Disrespect currently has 2.02 million subscribers on YouTube. As soon as his first live-stream started, fans noticed the join button on the left side of the video. Dr Disrespect is charging $4.99 per month to join his channel.

As soon as someone joins his channel, the message "Welcome to Champions Club" pops up in the live-chat section. Even though the live stream ended hours ago, still there are at least 20,000 people watching the live stream video with a Lamborghini car parked in front of a gas station, both the doors open. There is a spree of people joining Dr Disrespect's channel as the message welcome to the champions club is seen popping up repeatedly.

More than anything people are wondering what is Dr Disrespect's live-stream going to be on? Fans are waiting for an explanation about Twitch banning him permanently, without citing a proper reason.