Oculus update: Live stream VR game sessions on Facebook

Gamers can livestream VR sessions with single tap via Facebook.

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Oculus released a spectacular feature in an update to its Gear VR platform that allows users to live stream their virtual reality gaming session directly on Facebook. Just like how a user can tap on one button on Facebook app on the smartphone to go live, this update offers an option called "Livestream to Facebook" in the Universal menu when in VR. All a user has to do is to click on that option and their game will broadcast live on Facebook.

The update has started rolling out from Friday to the users outside the United States; however, the company says it will be available in the states soon.

The main aim for rolling out this feature is to share the VR experience with more people, says Oculus, as it can be difficult to understand the exact experience without watching it on their own.

And while it's not going after the niche communities like Twitch or YouTube gaming, it does offer an alternative platform for those, who might want to livestream their exceptional gameplay in VR to their closest peers.