YouTube restores controversial GTA 5 Mod video on exploding Galaxy Note 7

Sdaddy345 gets his GTA 5 Mod video restored after winning the counterclaim against Samsung's DMCA complaint.

GTA 5 Mod video for exploding Galaxy Note 7
GTA 5 Mod video for exploding Galaxy Note 7 resurfaces on YouTube sdaddy345 via YouTube

YouTube has finally restored the controversial GTA 5 Mod video featuring an exploding Galaxy Note 7, after Samsung forced a DMCA takedown request against the viral video and the channel owner filed the countersuit against Samsung and won the legal battle.

The channel owner, sdaddy345, has got his video restored after an elaborate correspondence with YouTube helped him sort out the legal dispute in his favour. The entire correspondence pertaining to Samsung's DMCA strike and the countersuit notice has been published online via imgur.

In one of the counterclaim emails, YouTube has responded to the defendant that the Samsung complaint "lacks one or more legally-required elements of a copyright takedown notice". Although Samsung might try to reopen the copyright dispute with all the missing details in the near future, the creator of the video can continue sharing or re-uploading his stuff across third-party channels as the ban has now been lifted.

The video has so far received an overwhelming response from the audience with nearly 1.5 million views recorded already. In terms of monetary income, it has already fetched the channel owner nearly $1,500.

Samsung seems to have been caught in bad light once again as several forum members and the user community have blatantly criticised the South Korean company for its ill-advised DMCA claim over a creative and imaginative GTA 5 Mod video.

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