GTA 5 DLC: 'Tuners and Outlaws' gameplay features, release timeline and more revealed

YouTuber MrBossFTW sheds some light on the probable release timeline for the highly-speculated 'Tuners and Outlaws' DLC in GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: Tuners and Outlaws DLC
GTA 5 DLC: 'Tuners and Outlaws' gameplay features, release timeline and more revealed GTA GFX

The GTA community is already abuzz with widespread rumours about the probable release of Tuners and Outlaws DLC in GTA Online as renowned YouTuber MrBossFTW aka Ross explains how the speculation could actually come true in his latest gameplay video for GTA 5. Ross also details how another fellow YouTuber named 'GTA Wise Guy' has shared a highly-creative DLC trailer for the long rumoured Tuners and Outlaws update on YouTube.

The DLC trailer was posted on 30 September with immense fanfare and community support while avid GTA gamers took to Twitter and other social networking forums asking if the DLC would indeed be released in the game.

Hidden details from Tuners and Outlaws DLC trailer revealed

One quick glance at the 'Tuners and Outlaws' DLC trailer (above) suggests that it will include Freemode based car shows and illegitimate meets. Players can even enlist themselves with the LSPD to play out the Cops vs. Crooks mode of missions in GTA Online or indulge in extreme-racing for high-stake rewards and bonuses.

Players could team up to form a group of racers or a bunch of outlaws vying for supremacy on their local turf, destroying or damaging rival cars as they deem fit in order help their own team win the race.

As far as the gameplay elements are concerned, the Tuners and Outlaws DLC definitely looks original and complete with fresh ideas being inspired from a fan-made trailer.

Tuners and Outlaws DLC Petition

GTA 5 Tuners and Outlaws petition
GTA 5 Tuners and Outlaws petition ipetitions

Coming to the feasibility analysis, there is a great chance that Rockstar Games could yield to the rising fan support that's petitioning the release of Tuners and Outlaws DLC in the game. At the time of writing this story, the petition had accrued 38,865 signatures (in barely 2-3 weeks) with a whopping 22,174 comments from the members of the community.

A similar petition named 'Bikers of GTA Unite' was filed earlier for GTA Online Bikers update, which has eventually received the green signal from the game maker.

The petition for Bikers DLC now stands at a colossal 18,000 signatures, despite the update being released some time back. It may be recalled that the petition actually started way back in April 2016 and materialised into a full-fledged DLC in October 2016.

Consequently, it is estimated that the Tuners and Outlaws DLC could take a similar time frame for an official release, especially in the wake of ensuing hype around the recent filing of petitions.

It must be noted that the Tuners and Outlaws petition was created around a couple of weeks ago and it far outweighs the demand created for Bikers DLC over a period of six months.

Tuners and Outlaws DLC theme and gameplay mechanics

The Tuners and Outlaws DLC blends in with the existing gameplay mechanics in GTA Online and Rockstar should be able to accommodate the new update quite easily. Besides, the game maker has never attempted such a DLC in the game and hence it looks like a good bet for upcoming DLC releases in GTA Online.

The theme of Tuners and Outlaws can be easily broken down into two segments wherein it involves the Police, collecting the bounty, chasing other players you want to catch up with, evading the police, car-show meets and new car features such as the manual transmission.

Additionally, the Tuners and Outlaws DLC includes new race modes like street races, drifting, drag racing and a variety of other street gigs. New contact missions and a bunch of new DLC vehicles are also on the cards with the Tuners update.

You will be able to install a whole new set of customisations on your cars through a dedicated workshop and garage. The KERS feature with the Bikers update can be carried forward as nitrous boost with the Tuners update in GTA Online.

Tuners and Outlaws DLC developmental work

With the Red Dead Redemption 2 getting a release schedule for 2017, we could expect the Rockstar developer team to get split up into two teams wherein one will be working on the Red Dead sequel while the other takes care of the Tuners DLC for GTA Online. Consequently, the under-strength developer team would find it easy to cut down on the developmental effort by using community-driven ideas.

With the Tuners and Outlaws theme already found rooted in the GTA gameplay mechanics, it would be a far easier job for Rockstar to develop the community ideas into reality rather than digging for fresh ideas on their own.

Tuners and Outlaws DLC release timeline

If the release time frame for the Bikers update (following a widespread petition) is any indication, we could expect the Tuners and Outlaws DLC to release some time around early summer or the end of spring in 2017. To be precise, the Tuners DLC is likely to release in the next six months or sometime during April-May.

Interested users can go ahead and show their support by filing the petition for the release of Tuners and Outlaws update in GTA Online. Check out the link for the petition here.