GTA 5 DLC: How to make millions of GTA$ with 'High Risk High Reward' vehicle-business ventures in GTA Online

YouTuber MrBossFTW explains the concept of 'High Risk High Reward' business ventures in his latest gameplay video for GTA Online.

GTA 5 Online: High Risk High Reward missions
GTA 5 Online: High Risk High Reward missions YouTube

Prolific YouTuber and GTA tipster, MrBossFTW aka Ross, has showcased some intriguing details about the 'High Risk High Reward' vehicle-based business ventures in GTA Online via his latest gameplay video for GTA 5. It may be recalled that Rockstar Games had hinted about these business ventures in its recent post on Newswire wherein it talks about the black-collar CEOs and organisations as well as the golden opportunity to make some big bucks by selling high-value vehicles in Los Santos.

GTA 5 Car Carrier Trailer Mod
GTA 5 Car Carrier Trailer Mod GTA 5 Mods

Considering the hint thrown by Rockstar, it is almost certain that we will be seeing another business-themed DLC in GTA Online along the lines of Executives and Other Criminals update. The concept of exporting and importing vehicles already exists in the form of Simian's missions in the game's single-player or story mode.

Unlike the low-end vehicles which fetch meagre-rewards in Simian's missions, the 'High Risk High Reward' concept obviously aims at stealing/acquiring and selling expensive vehicles for a rare opportunity to make millions of GTA$ in the online version of the game.

Ross describes the Car Carrier Trailer Mod while explaining the concept behind the forthcoming DLC pertaining to vehicle-business ventures in GTA Online. Some of the salient features added to this Mod include spawning a Car Carrier Trailer, detaching a trailer, releasing/raising the ramp, lowering or raising the top deck, repairing the trailer and finally attaching or detaching a vehicle.

The trailer supports up to three cars each on the top and lower decks wherein you need to fill up the top deck first and then move on to the lower deck. So, you can carry a maximum of six cars at any given point of time with one trailer truck aka hauler.

Your job would be to load up expensive sports cars or supercars on to the trailer and then transport it safely to designated locations on the map. In case of repairs and necessary upgrades, you need to visit nearby body-shops to fully customise the vehicles before taking them to the client for delivery.

The trailer Mod also enables the player to check the position where each model of the supercar is placed on top or lower deck.

For instance, Ross shows us in the video that he has placed the Adder at the front of the top deck. Similarly, we will have middle and rear positions allocated for the other cars in the top and bottom decks.

Once all the six positions on the trailer decks are full, we can proceed to the drop off location and just release the trailer's carrier hook to detach the cars from the truck.

With the supercars worth more than millions of GTA$, it would be a great opportunity to make some quick bucks by selling them off to a high-profile client. However, you might face roadblocks by rival gangs or a high-octane chase with cops on your tail.

Considering the net worth of six supercars and high stakes involved for completing the delivery, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have a fully-armed convoy escorting the trailer with some protection on its sides and rear as well.

The high stakes with selling expensive supercars is nothing new in the world of GTA as we have seen a similar mission with Devin Weston in GTA 5 single-player mode wherein a successful heist of stolen cars makes him really rich and also gets the player a decent sum of money at the end.

Some exotic locations in Sandy Shores and Paleto Bay could be part of these high-stake missions as it's quite convenient to offload these vehicles to a cargo plane at the airport (like the Trevor's airfield) or a carrier ship in the bay area.

We might also see the advent of new scrap garages like those at the Autoshop locations in the industrial town of Los Santos wherein we could sell off these expensive cars after a successful heist.

Tip #1: Rockstar has recently updated some these autoshops so that any GTA Online player can now easily access the interiors of these buildings without using any glitch or cheat code in the game.

Tip #2: The stolen cars could be stored, customised and/or upgraded at these body shops, before delivering them to the chosen client. One such garage is likely to come up within the vicinity of Benny's Motor Works like the Albany's with Mosley Auto Service attached to the main garage in the Grove Street.

Tip #3: Another such garage is the Glass Heroes, which looks like a typical import/export warehouse that could come in handy for the forthcoming vehicle-business ventures in GTA Online.

Check out several of these potential 'Scrap and Body Shop' garages for future business DLCs in Ross' stunning gameplay video (below):