'Your Whole Family Is Next': Killer of Queen's Mom Orsolya Gaal Had Sent Chilling Message to Her Husband after Killing Her

According to PIX11, the killer allegedly said Howard, "Your wife sent me to jail a few years ago. I've returned."

The man, who murdered Queen's mother of two Orsolya Gaal, 51, sent a chilling message for her husband saying that he butchered his wife as revenge for sending him to jail years ago, according to police sources. Gaal's body was found stuffed in a duffel bag and abandoned near her home in Queens, New York, on Saturday.

The chilling message has now given a new twist to the incident after police questioned her 13-year-old son Leo who is believed to have been at home when she was killed. No arrests have been made in the case yet with the killer still at large.

All for Revenge

Orsolya Gaal murdered
Orsolya Gaal twitter

Police are still trying to figure out who murdered Gaal, and why. Investigators had initially questioned Gaal's son Leo and her husband Howard Klein as persons of interest in the incident. They were later released

However, things have taken a new twist after it was revealed that the suspected killed had sent a threatening message to Klein that read "your whole family is next", police revealed.

According to PIX11, the killer allegedly said Howard, "Your wife sent me to jail a few years ago. I've returned."

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

The 51-year-old told her son she was going to see a show but instead met up with a man, according to cops speaking to PIX11. Gaal was killed in her home's basement, put in a duffel bag, and abandoned half a mile away, according to police.

The alleged killer then reportedly texted Klein, threatening him: "Your whole family is next", according to police.

Klien was out of town when Gaal was killed.

Orsolya Gaal
Surveillance image released after the death of Orsolya Gaal

Surveillance footage from around 4.30 am shows someone in a sweatshirt lugging the luggage near her residence. The bag is similar to one used by her son, and it is possible that the killer took it from the house.

On Saturday, Gaal's husband Klein told The New York Post: "[My son] Leo is safe. Thank God [my son] is safe. There are concerns about our safety. Our lives are at risk."

Kiler Still at Large

Police have launched an investigation but they ae still clueless about who murdered her, with the killer still at large. Van Nostrand discovered the duffel bag. His two dogs led him to the find and assisted cops in finding a new blood trail.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

When cops recovered Gaal's blood-soaked bag, they couldn't find any identification on him.

"Something is not adding up. But there are cameras along the way. They'll tell if it's an adult or a child," one unnamed police source told the NY Post.

"She knew the people she was out with. We're talking to them. We also have to figure out, did she meet some mysterious stranger along the way?" they added.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal's body being stuffed in a bag and dragged by the killer Twitter

Cops found that her son Leo had no knowledge of the crime after questioning him. According to authorities, the youngster was eventually released once it was determined that the body in the suitcase was Gaal's. Detectives are now looking into the grisly discovery, which was made by two different local neighbors on a roadway that runs past a park.

According to the New York Daily News, Gaal was spotted going around the yard with her dog with her neighbor John Blankson on Friday evening. "The sun came out, Friday was quite nice. We were outside. We didn't speak to her – we were just chilling outside – but she was outside with the dog," he said.

The Daily News has earlier reported, citing law enforcement sources, that authorities were looking into the possibility that a male relative killed Gaal.

Orsolya Gaal
Orsolya Gaal Twitter

However, things now seem to have taken a new turn.

Gaal attended Budapest Business School College of International Management and Business, according to her Facebook page, and she most likely has family in Hungary. Gaal has several photos of hers with the family's dog, as well as photos from trips to Hungary, Croatia, China, and Guatemala. The mother is also seen chatting in Hungarian in the posts.

According to the Daily News, in February, she donated to a Susan G. Komen for the Cure fundraiser organized by her younger son.

Meanwhile, her husband's social media sites appear to indicate that he is from Long Island and that he is a lithium trader, a metal used to power gadgets. Klein, according to his LinkedIn profile, is the creator of RK Equity, where he presently works as a partner. His company is described as a 'New York-based boutique capital markets consultancy firm' in his LinkedIn profile.