'You Are the Reason Cell Phones Are a Thing', Says 'Riverview Karen' as Black Woman Records Racial Abuse

An unidentified white woman was caught harassing her black neighbor for taking a walk in the apartment complex. Dubbed as 'Aunt Karen' by the victim, the woman is also seen abusing the person for recording the racist incident which took place in Riverview, Florida.

The video, which was originally posted on TikTok by Ty @_hottymale, has received over a million views. It was also shared on Twitter by multiple users who sought out to identify the 'Karen' in the video.

riverview karen
The woman seen harassing a black woman in Riverview, Florida. Twitter

'Karen' Asks Black Woman to Leave the Complex

The over-a-minute long video shows a white woman, dressed in black T-shirt and slacks, walking her black dog in the apartment complex, when she suddenly comes charging towards the black woman recording the incident.

"F**k you for recording me. F**k you for recording me right now. Dumb s*it. F**k you and your f**king phone," the white woman shouts as she struggles to control her dog.

As the woman behind the camera calmly keeps on saying okay, this appears to incite the 'Karen' even further as she shouts, "Get the f**k out of here."

When Ty responds that she lives here, the abusive woman questions, "How long have you lived here?"

"It doesn't matter," Ty says to which Karen says, "Like a f**king month?"

The woman then seems to leave the sidewalk when she comes back again ands starts her abusive assault. "You know what b**ches like you are the reason cell phones are a thing these days. Get the f**k out of here," she says.

White Woman Gets Angry For Being Called 'Karen'

Stating that she has been living there for a year and half, Karen asks the black woman to leave along with her dog. Ty's response that that she is not going anywhere and that she is just walking her dog along with addressing the abusive woman as 'Karen', appears to incite the latter even more.

"Don't f**king call me Karen," says the woman as she once again rushes in real close to the black woman.

"Come over here, I will call the cops," Ty says. "Back it up, I will call the cops. Someone gotta come get her, I'm not going to jail for this lady," Ty continues to shout as the woman gets up close to her.

At this point a man intervenes and tells the white woman to leave the place and go home.

The Daily Dot reported that in another video, Ty said that she tried to report the matter to the property manager, but he wasn't present in the leasing office.

Later when Ty tried to file a police report, the authorities said that since it was a verbal altercation and not physical, she cannot do anything. Instead, the cops told her to file a restraining order against the woman and take it up with her leasing office, reported the outlet.

Responding to the suggestion that she could have hit the woman, Ty said, "Had I have hit her, [a police officer] said she would have had grounds to file a battery charge against me because I did not move away and then I would have struck her first," she says. "Everyone has different priorities. My freedom is a priority, but hey if you want to go out there and fight and tussle, do that. But with me being a Black woman and her being a white woman..."