You Are My Spring Live Stream Details: Where to Watch New tvN Romance Drama Online

The new tvN romantic comedy-drama You Are My Spring is premiering on July 5 at 9 pm KST, and it stars Seo Hyun Jin, Kim Dong Wook, Yoon Park, and Nam Gyu Ri in lead roles. Actors Oh Hyun Kyung, Han Min, Kang Hoon, Yoon Ji On, Lee Hae Young, and Park Sang Nam are also part of the cast list. The mini-series follows a group of people living in the same building, and it focuses on the various challenges faced by them due to a criminal investigation.

Fans of Romantic Doctor Teacher Kim star Hyun Jin are eagerly waiting for this K-drama because it is her first television project of this year. In the Monday-Tuesday drama, the actress portrays a 34 years old hotel concierge manager named Kang Da Jung. K-drama fans can watch her in action on tvN from Monday through the first episode. This chapter will also be made available on the official webpage for the broadcasting channel. Korean drama lovers around the world can watch episode 1 of this romantic comedy-drama with subtitles on Netflix.

Check out the Character Relationship Chart of this New tvN Drama Below:

You Are My Spring
The character relationship chart of new romantic comedy drama You Are My Spring. Twitter/tvN

Ahead of the premiere, tvN released the character relationship chart of its highly anticipated romantic comedy-drama. The chart hints at a complicated relationship between the female protagonist Da Jung and the male lead Joo Young Do, a psychiatrist (portrayed by actor Dong Wook).

It also shows the psychiatrist getting entangled in a complicated relationship with the president of an investment company. The character is named Chae Joon, and he is portrayed onscreen by Yoon Park. According to the official synopsis, he is a secret crush on the hotel concierge manager. Another character to be introduced in the premiere is actress Ahn Ga Young, played by Nam Gyu Ri.

Through the relationship chart, tvN also introduced the friends and family members of the drama's central characters. Actress Oh Hyun Kyung will portray Da Jung's mother Moon Mi Ran, and actress Baek Hyun Joo will play Young Do's mother Oh Mi Kyung. Other characters are actress Han Min as Da Jung's friend Park Chul Do, actor Hoon as her brother Kang Tae Jung, actors Hae Young and Ji On as detectives Go Jin Bok and Park Ho.

Here is the First Poster and the Latest Trailer of this Romantic Comedy Drama

On its program page, tvN released the first poster and the latest trailer of this Monday-Tuesday drama. The poster features Da Jung enjoying a day out with Young Do. The poster is accompanied by several hashtag captions, such as Active Healing Romance and Interfloor Romance.

"With Seo Hyun Jin and Kim Dong Wook's main poster, we wanted people who currently live hard and exhausting lives to feel comfortable and warm just by looking at it. Please watch out for You Are My Spring coming this July that will caress your scars through its calming and lingering emotions," the production team said.

Watch You Are My Spring premiere online here on July 5 at 9 pm KST. Episode 1 is also available online here with subtitles.