YotaPhone 3 is on its way, to be launched later this year

YotaPhone 3 will initially be available in China and Russia

The very well-known smartphone with dual display, the YotaPhone, is again making a comeback. Following the announcement at a conference in Northern China, it's been reported that the YotaPhone 3 will be launched sometime later this year.


Just like its predecessor the upcoming YotaPhone 3 is expected to boast the rear e-ink display along with the AMOLED display on the front of the smartphone.

As per The Verge, the YotaPhone 3 will come in two variants. While the 64GB storage variant will boast a price tag of $350, the 128GB version will cost you $450.

Reportedly, the smartphone will initially be available in China from this September and it will be shipped to Russia sometime after that. According to TechRadar, there is no confirmation of the phone being rolled out to any other part of the globe.

Russian company Yota Devices has not revealed much detail about the phone; however, the company did release a quite vague blacked-out phone back in April on their website. That was obviously a teaser of the upcoming YotaPhone 3 but the picture didn't say much about the device. Compared to the original YotaPhone, as per the picture, the upcoming YotaPhone 3 will be much sleeker.


Also in February, a comment by the company on one of the posts on the YotaPhone's official Instagram account indicated that the company is working on a third device. TechRadar loosely translated the Russian comment, which reads "Thank you for your interest in our product. At the moment, we are developing the third generation of the smartphone. Follow us on our official group. Sincerely, The Yotaphone Team."

Yota Devices produces other handsets other than this eye-catching dual display smartphone, but following the launch of the first YotaPhone, the flagship again surfaced with a YotaPhone 2 and now the third one is on the line. We just hope that the third one would sort out the problems that the first two devices and its users had to face.

While the first YotaPhone was launched in 2013, the YotaPhone 2 made its way into the market in 2014 December.

The specialty of this smartphone is that from the front it looks like any other smartphone, but flip it over and you can see a second, all-touch display; only this one is an e-ink screen similar to those found on e-readers. The rear display comes with an always on feature and is meant for showing notifications, weather, social media updates, calendar reminders, as well as reading e-books.