Amazon to launch another smartphone and this time its Ice in place of Fire

Amazon may soon launch its new Ice Phone to India, which has a customer base of more than one billion people

Amazon had launched a smartphone named, Fire Phone and those of you who have no idea about it, it's because Fire was an unsuccessful attempt by the e-commerce giant to enter the smartphone market. Unfortunately, for most of the customers, it didn't offer much value for money.

However, it seems like Jeff Bezos has not been discouraged yet, as the company is reportedly working on a new smartphone and this time it's entirely opposite of Fire, it's the Ice Phone.

amazon phone

According to Forbes, Amazon is going to make use of Alexa in their new Ice Phone, which would be a great idea considering the fact that, many want to use Alexa when they are outdoor as much as they can use it at home in Echo.

Fire Phone was very much limited in terms of abilities and that was one reason that led to its failure, but we have to admit the fact that Amazon is not the same company anymore as it was at the time of the launch of Fire Phone, and Ice could just be better in so many aspects.

As per reports, chances are, Amazon Ice Phone will launch soon in India, as it is not going to be a very high-end phone and hopefully it will attract a massive base of Indian customers who are looking for low-cost devices. No matter how big Amazon is in the US and Europe, India offers the company a customer base of more than one billion people, which is more than the US and EU combined.

One of the biggest mistakes of Amazon in the case of Fire was that although they used Android, they didn't integrate many important Google services, such as the Google Play Store app, which meant for an Android user to change to a new OS ditching all his/her previously curated games or apps' collection. However, this time rumours have it that Ice Phone will not use Amazon's Fire OS, instead, it will run on Android and will integrate all the Google services. The Ice phone will also have the Amazon app store, which also provides some pretty cool stuff and several free games.

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Amazon Fire Phone YouTube

Another point to be noted is that Amazon's Echo Show is already being sold on the back of video calling, where the company has already announced that non-Echo users will be able to use its app to make video calls. But with its new phone, surely it will integrate an Apple's Facetime-like ecosystem where video calling will be possible without any app.

Amazon now understands its customer base better than before. Anyone who wants to spend a fortune and buy a premium product would certainly go to Apple or Samsung but for Amazon, the aim is "sell cheap, make money on shopping." So, now the Amazon Ice phone is going to be cheap.

So, we can expect an affordable, Android-powered phone with access to the best of Amazon from the company soon.