Yeo Jin Goo Tries to Protect Moon Ga Young; She Misunderstands Him in New Link Teaser

The production team of the upcoming tvN drama Link has released a new teaser video days before the premiere. The clip features the complicated relationship between the lead cast members – Moon Ga Young and Yeo Jin Young. In the footage, Jin Young tries to protect Ga Young, and she misunderstands him.

The mini-series will revolve around an executive chef named Eun Gye Hoon. His life changes after he meets a restaurant employee named Noh Da Hyun. When Gye Hoon starts going through the joy, sorrow, and pain of Da Hyun, he experiences some changes in his life. Da Hyun is unlucky in both his life and love. So, it will be interesting to know how her life changes after meeting the chef.

The teaser video shows Gye Hoon clutching his heart after he unexpectedly meets the restaurant employee, who gasps for breath. At the restaurant, the chef asks Da Hyun to play rock, paper, and scissors with him, and she curiously waits to know the outcome. Later, she surprisingly finds him loitering outside her house.

A behind the scene still from the upcoming tvN drama Link. Twitter/tvN

"These feelings that I feel vividly even when we are far apart. Perhaps, is it this woman?" In the meantime, Do Hyun says, "Just try sending something weird or prowling around one more time, you perverted psycho!"

The teaser also shows Da Hyun struggling to free herself from someone who is covering her mouth and Gye Hoon trying to reach out to her for help.

Who are Noh Da Hyun and Eun Gye Hoon?

Yeo Jin Goo and Moon Ga Young in the upcoming tvN drama Link. Twitter/tvN

Noh Da Hyun is a restaurant employee who lives in a shabby, small, and fictional neighborhood called Jihwa. It is located between Gyeonggi Province and Seoul. She lives with her mother, Hong Bok Hee, and grandmother, Na Choon Ok. They protect her when things take an unexpected turn in her life.

"Although Da Hyun's emotions are naturally exposed due to the link phenomenon, no matter the situation, she accepts and expresses her honest feelings as they are. I feel that those moments are pretty," cast member Ga Young said about her character.

A promotional still from the upcoming tvN drama Link. Twitter/tvN

Eun Gye Hoon has set up his restaurant in this place, and that's how they meet often. He lived in Jihwa 18 years ago and has painful memories of this place. Gye Hoon lost his younger twin siblings in this place. He considers this neighborhood an unlucky place because he lost his special power of reading other people's emotions after the painful incident. Gye Hoon revives his special skills after he meets an unfamiliar woman and begins to feel her emotions.

"While preparing to act as Gye Hoon, the point I thought was most important was preparing and acting as one person or as a person myself. I also think Gye Hoon is a character who wonders and is curious about why this kind of phenomenon is happening to him," actor Jin Goo said.

Link will premiere on June 6 at 10.30 pm KST, and K-drama fans can watch it on tvN or stream it on the official website of the broadcasting channel.