Our Blues Episodes 15-16 How To Watch, Airdates, Spoilers, and More

Our Blues is returning with two new episodes this week, and they are likely to focus on the blossoming romance between captain Park Jung Hoon and haenyeo Lee Young Ok. Although the captain is head over heels for the heanyeo, she wants to break up with him because of her disabled twin sister, Lee Young Hee.

Last week, Young Hee came to Jeju Island to meet her twin sister and unexpectedly met the captain. Young Hee was not impressed by the captain after their awkward first meeting. She asked her twin sister to break up with the captain. However, the captain was adamant about impressing Young Hee and taking his relationship with Young Ok to the next level.

So, Jung Hoon will focus on impressing Young Hee in episodes 15 and 16 of the tvN drama. Chapter 15 is scheduled to air on Saturday, May 28, at 9.10 pm KST, and episode 16 will air on tvN Sunday, May 29, at 9.10 pm KST. The followers of this mini-series can watch the new episodes on the broadcasting channel or stream them on the official website. International K-drama fans can watch the next episodes with subtitles on various streaming platforms, including Netflix.

Our Blues
Park Jung Hoon will try to impress Lee Young Hee in the upcoming episode of Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

Park Jung Hoon-Lee Young Hee Friendship

The newly released stills show Jung Hoon spending time with Young Hee and impressing her with his kindness. He stays true to his words and does his best to change her opinion about him. An image shows the captain calmly looking at his lover's twin sister with a smile on his face as she knits. Though he smiles at her, she ignores him and focuses on knitting. The captain also invites her to his bus and has some casual talk with her while sipping beer.

"The next broadcast will depict Park Jung Joon getting to know Lee Young Hee better as he spends time with her. Please watch to see how he will open up her heart. Park Jung Joon, a man of the sea, will show how to love like the sea that embraces everything. His warm and delicate heart that loves Lee Young Ok and cares about Lee Young Hee will touch viewers' hearts," the production team teased.

Our Blues
The twin sister will get involved in a heated argument in the new episode of Our Blues. Twitter/tvN

Heated Argument Between Twin Sisters

However, things are likely to turn to the south after the twin sisters get involved in a heated argument. The promotional stills show Lee Young Hee arguing with Lee Young Ok while playing a game with the captain, Jeong Eun Hee, and others. As Young Ok tries to control her emotions, her twin sister gets furious, and the others quietly watch them.

The production team stated that the viewers would get to see the exploding and controlling emotions between the Lee sisters in the upcoming episodes of Our Blues. The chapters will also share the bonding between the twin sisters and tell a lot about their relationship.