Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw: Miami Stripper Arrested after Plying Client with Tequila During Lap Dance and Then Using His Credit Card and PayPal to Steal $62,000

Law enforcement authorities claimed that the victim was able to track the fraudulent activity back to Rivera-Bosaw because she had entered her contact information into his phone.

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A Miami sipper has been arrested for allegedly plying her client with tequila during a raunchy lap dance and then credit card and PayPal information to funnel $62,000 out of his accounts, police said. Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw, 34, was among a group of women who performed lap dances to the victim in a private VIP room at Playmates last Friday, according to Miami police.

Per a police report, the victim alleged that Rivera-Bosaw continuously provided him with tequila shots, which caused him to get drunk quickly and he was soon unable to stand up or walk. Exploiting his disoriented state, Rivera-Bosaw allegedly took advantage of the situation by rubbing against him to distract him while she took his wallet and phone.

Lost His Sense and Money

Yannelin Rivera-Bosaw
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While the group of women kept the victim distracted, Rivera-Bosaw allegedly seized the opportunity to steal the man's cell phone and wallet. Subsequently, she reportedly used his credit card and PayPal details to steal a staggering $62,000.

The victim eventually managed to leave the popular Florida establishment around 4 am after a night filled with dizziness and partying.

However, upon realizing that his belongings were missing, he proceeded to check his bank account and made a startling discovery.

It became clear that in addition to losing his wallet, unauthorized transactions had been made, including six charges on PayPal and multiple charges on his Wells Fargo, Chase, and American Express accounts, Miami police said.

Law enforcement authorities claimed that the victim was able to track the fraudulent activity back to Rivera-Bosaw because she had entered her contact information into his phone in order to transfer funds to herself.

The total amount drained from the victim's accounts amounted to $62,345.

Arrested at Last

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According to the information provided on the club's website, Playmates is hailed as the premier strip club in Coral Gables, located approximately 7 miles outside the center of Miami.

The establishment boasts of having a welcoming and accommodating staff that caters to patrons' every need. The VIP service offered at the club is described as ensuring an unforgettable and memorable night for visitors.

Rivera-Bosaw was soon arrested and the stripper reportedly confessed to investigators during police questioning that she had indeed sent the money, but claimed that the victim had authorized the transactions.

However, this theory was seemingly contradicted when texts were found on her phone, where she complained to her husband and a friend about one of the PayPal payments being canceled by the victim.

Investigators also found inconsistencies in her account regarding the involvement of other women, as she initially provided details but then struggled to recall their names. Further examination of her phone during the investigation allegedly revealed evidence of her engaging in an illegal side business, selling growth hormones and steroids to clients associated with the strip club.

Rivera-Bosaw is now facing multiple charges, including committing an organized scheme to defraud, fraudulent use of a credit card involving $100 or more, grand theft, and the unlawful sale of narcotics without a prescription.