Xbox One X now available for pre-order across the world

Now one can pre-order the Xbox One X console at the local retail store as well as through Microsoft's website and Microsoft Store

Microsoft Xbox One X gaming console, which was launched this year at the E3 in June, is now available for pre-order across the globe. The tech giant has opened the pre-order for the standard version of its new Xbox One X console.

The device has been available up until now only as the Project Scorpio special edition, pre-orders for which sold out instantly when Microsoft began selling them at the Gamescom conference last month. Now, according to the company, pre-orders will be available at local retailers around the world for the standard black Xbox One X.

Now one can also pre-order the device through its own website and the online Microsoft Store. The retail price of the console with 1 TB storage has been set at $499 in the US and the shipping will start on and from November 7, this year.

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Microsoft is also publicising its growing list of Xbox One "enhanced" games along with the pre-order procedure since it has now spread worldwide. As the new console Xbox One X has a faster processor and more memory, it's capable of running games at up to 4K resolution and 60 frames per second.

Microsoft will be using a special logo to denote the games which are using the extra horsepower To see all 130 confirmed titles, one can visit the dedicated website, The number of games will grow rapidly with time, Microsoft has assured the users.