Did you miss the launch of Xbox One X? Here is a roundup for you

The Xbox is claimed to be "the most powerful game console to date" and also the "smallest Xbox, ever"

Xbox One X

In case you have missed the unveiling of Xbox One X by Microsoft, here is a recap. The Xbox One X is hailed by the company to be the "smallest Xbox, ever" lending to its minimalist design. The Xbox is also considered "the most powerful game console to date" because of the world-class features like backward compatibility and strong processing power.

Priced at $499, the new console will be available to the public on November 7th. At 12GB RAM memory and a memory bandwidth of 326GB/s, it is way ahead of other similar products in the market. Moreover, to keep the processor running without disruption, the high-powered innards will be kept in check with the server like cooling technique with the help of liquid-cooled vapor chamber. The product is being advertised as being capable of true 4k gaming playback that comes with an HDR quality video and Premium Dolby Atmos which will surely make you living room a gaming experience.


The promise of 4k experience on the gaming console is being kept with the help of the feature which the company calls "supersampling" which enables users to experience 4k without a 4k TV. This particular Xbox can be considered to be the halfway of the Xbox's lifecycle with the next gen Xbox expected to arrive soon. The added kick in specifications is meant to increase the gaming experience for the users who are waiting for the next gen products.

Moreover, to facilitate the wide range of content that is available for Xbox, the company announced that the Xbox One X will be compatible with all the existing Xbox One games without any software or patches.

The company also announced 42 new titles at the E3 event which will be compatible with all the existing Xbox models but will work the "best" with Xbox One X, as it will enable the 4k experience.

Here you can see the full event:


This article was first published on June 13, 2017