5 things to look forward to in today's episode of WWE RAW

Last week's episode of RAW left a lot of questions unanswered. Here, we look at the five most interesting angles to look out for this week.

The next episode of RAW has a major event lined up. It is the divorce between Lana and Rusev. Since the real-life couple of CR Perry and Miroslav Barnyashev hasn't split, it is unlikely that they would be divorced in the storyline either.

So, what will happen in this angle? Plus, what about Seth Rollins and AOP? How will that story play out? What would be the attitude of Charlotte this week after her loss to the Kabuki Warriors? Plenty of questions will be answered in the new episode.

So, let's list the five things which are keenly anticipated in the latest episode of WWE RAW.

Rivalry between Styles and Orton

Last week, Randy Orton emerged from nowhere to deliver an RKO to AJ Styles. Orton's confrontation with Drew McIntyre earlier in the day ended abruptly as the latter walked away when The OC came out to attack The Viper. It is clear that Orton is getting into a new feud. That feud is going to develop further this week. How it does would be interesting to see.

Rusev Lana
The Rusev-Lana-Lashley storyline may come to a head tonight Twitter/WWE

The Divorce

It was announced on Sunday that Lana and Rusev are going to officially get divorced in today's episode of RAW. Such kayfabe weddings and divorces require a greater suspension of disbelief from the viewers as such serious issues getting sorted out in the ring is simply surreal. But this impending divorce is full of possibilities. It won't be a simple affair. Instead, can we see Lana ditching Lashley and going back to Rusev? Anything is possible!

Rollins' next move

Seth Rollins has been all over the place in the last two weeks. What would be his next move? He is among the leading stars on RAW and is sooner, rather than later, going to get involved in a new angle. Who would be his opponent? Will it be Kevin Owens? Or, somebody else? That's also worth watching out for.

Charlotte and Asuka's rivalry

Charlotte has been harried by Asuka and her green mist for the last three weeks. In the previous week's episode of RAW, there was no spraying of the mist but the Kabuki Warriors got another win. This is likely to lead to some kind of angry explosion from Charlotte. Something big is brewing here. Watch out for the Queen's actions this week.

AOP's next move

The actions of AOP in the last couple of weeks have been shrouded in mystery. Nobody has been able to figure out what these two men want. It seems like WWE has big plans for them. This week will probably reveal what those plans are.